YSL Papparazi

5 June 2008

I know it's a late tribute, but I've been hunting down my favourite pictures of Yves Saint Laurent to post as a blog entry. Not only am I picky, it's also très difficile to find shots of just YSL, rather than models wearing his clothes (or celebrities holding his bags!). Thanks to The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake, I've come to appreciate this designer's impact on the fashion industry to a greater extent.
Rest in peace Yves Sait Laurent.

Betty Catroux (looking FANTASTIC), Yves and Loulou.

Catherine Deneuve & Yves
For YSL's full biography click ici!
For more information on The Beautiful Fall, click here.



  1. you found some really beautiful pictures! thanks for posting!

  2. he was so sweet
    i watched this documentary or something on him and i fell in love

    and you get Joe stuff at The Real Canadian Superstore

    also, im a perfectionist too and turns out i am a really good driver : )


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