4 June 2008

The Olympics are just around the corner, and it's safe to say that I've got a healthy dose of rhythmic gymnastics in my system (ohh youtube, how I love thee). If I could, I'd walk around waving a ribbon into fun swirls all around my body. However, what has really got me super-amped and heel-clickin' is Gucci's 8 piece collection (called 8-8-2008, super catchy) for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The bicycle had me drooling like a baby; I would not mind sitting my bum on that China red Gucci leather seat. Even the side messenger bag is chic beyond belief.
But at $3,420, that will not be the next bike in my garage. 
[sad face]

*For those interested in the complete collection, and final prices, click here.


  1. have you seen the chanel bike...madness. just sheer madness.



  2. Wow, what a cute bike! Love the red!

    Nikki, Editor
    Fashion Frenzy

  3. that bike sure is something!

  4. the chanel one is cute too :)

  5. I love your blog! That bike is perfect, as is your shopping list. I'll take all of the above please.

  6. crazy!! but i wouldnt be surprised seeing some noveou rich here in china use those!! theyre bunch of wealthy people! :):)


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