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8 June 2008

The Olsens have ridiculously good taste, as many of you will agree. I know I'm not a big fan of EVERY outfit, but that's impossible anyways. Who has perfect style? Not even Victoria Beckham nails all her get-ups. But to command so much attention from some of fashion's top tiers, at that age, is props-worthy. 
As of late, Chantelle just can't get enough of their relaxed, original look. It takes talent to pull this off, seriously.

They must have a fantastic collection of shades. I'm so jealous.
Adiós muchachas..Hope this post amused you. Even for a little while


  1. I love the Olsen's
    there is no one else who gets style right as much as them!

  2. Love the outfit wit the white canvas sneakers and the gladiator heels. The shoes in the second outfit to the left are just a bit too much and too big I think!

    And your wishlist could be my wishlist too!

  3. I agree coco, and lana..good taste ;)

  4. So you're into the overdone look then ?

  5. no, not necessarily. I find the majority of these outfits are quite minimalist.


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