Up to no good

9 June 2008

Sometimes I just feel like dressing up for no reason at all. The side-walk needs more glamorous rockers don't you think?

Stay chic & enjoy the weather.
À bientôt ♥ 


  1. thankyou for the comments. i never took classes, I'm naturally flexible :). im a fashion freak but i dont show it that much (here in Malta everything stands out) and being a gay GOTH really stood out :)
    imagine me going out in a shirt that only goes down to my chest and leathered up :) i used to have long hair but now ... fashion has that effect :)

    you can sat that in Mlata Fashions come in a season later so Im always watching fashioonshows to be in time for the wiedrest thing

  2. I agree! and that blazer is AMAZING.


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