On the hunt for Lula

2 June 2008

I've been missing out. I've known for a while that this magazine is deliciously amazing, but what I'm more enamored with is its editor [who happens to be a Canadian..niiice]. Leith Clark has got to be one of the coolest people I've come across in the longest time. Not only is she one of the most influential fashion people in London, she's also amigos with Karl Lagerfeld, a killer stylist, and the editor of a cult-status magazine who's back issues go for $200 on ebay (there's only been 6 issues!). Did I mention she's only 28? And as cute as a button?
                                            Here are a few pictures from some of the past issues =]


  1. thank you so much!!! your blog looks awsome too!! want to link swap??? am def adding you to my blogroll! :)

  2. i'm with you on that one: lula is just great. i used to order it in britain and pay ridiculous shipping fees, until i realized i could buy it on the newsstand in our main station.

    love your pictures of toronto! i have been there, but it's oh so long ago.

  3. hahaha, yeah i'm gonna spend the next two weeks seeing if I could find issue 6! Wish me luck!

    And Toronto is quite the eclectic city, you just have to make sure you go to the right places. But it's so big that even I haven't discovered it all! Lol..oopsies

  4. definitely very cool.

    and 200 dollar issues?? maybe I should start buying them in the store now !!

  5. I didn't realise Leigh Clark was Canadian. I really want to get my hand on back issues of Lula!

  6. i love lula, but at the moment i really can't afford it, which is very upsetting!!

  7. I love her, her style is everything I want to be!

  8. i'm obsessed with [ Lula ] too xx


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