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15 June 2008

So sometimes I get bored, and spend beaucoup de temps browsing online. This week I found some VERY cute vintage stores on the web. I highly recommend checking them out because their stuff is off the hizzle. Fo'real!
Oh Chantelle, you and your gangster jargon. Anyways, here's the list. Enjoy!

An online vintage store started by Lenora and her boyfriend. It contains pieces hunted down from all over California! Yayz!

This place has the best vintage shoes I've every seen. Period.

This store has a 98.4% positive feedback bar! And fantastic dresses! Sweet..

Has some of the best blazers I've ever seen!

Really fun, bright colours. Their skirts are unbelievably cool!

They specialize in youth-cult clothing from the 60's - 80's!

Alright, so I think you get the drift. I lurvz vintage clothing... And I'm coveting that navy blazer with the crest really bad. Hope I've provided a few of you with some handy information. See ya on the west side!

Update June 17th: Rumi from Fashion Toast is the owner of Teasure Chest Vintage! YAYZ!!!


  1. oh those people. I hate them! how come they all managed to get such good treasures. i'm so jealous.

    and by the way, i really like your outfit on your previous post;)

  2. Great article.
    I am working on getting my "store" going.

  3. thank you so much for your sweet comment <3

    I have such a weak spot for vintage! thanks for telling about these treasures!


  4. Great round up; great blog! xoxo

  5. oi, I need to stay away from Ebay!

  6. Wow, thanks for the tips!

  7. great links! and i swear i have been searching for a blazer like that blue one forever.
    btw, i finally linked you back ;)

  8. Thanks for the info! I love vintage too. I just have a strange aversion to shopping online.

  9. I think I have to have ALL these clothes. Thank you.

  10. great post. can't go wrong with good vintage:)


  11. my mom wont let me buy things online most of the time.
    shes too paranoid.

  12. Omg haha, me too! I'm paranoid of online shopping, but I'm getting a visa with a small limit [it should be coming in the mail soon] so I can start e-baying! Sometimes I miss out on the CRAZIEST deals. No lie. =(

  13. btw, i changed the name of my blog. so the link of me on your blog won't work unless it is changed : )

    old= honey frappuccino

    new= leposaurus rex

  14. Treasure Chest Vintage has some really amazing stuff. Then again, it is owned by Rumi from Fashion Toast.

  15. Excellent news, I'll msg her right now after I google her blog.

  16. GREAT finds! i love everything that Rumi sells at Treasure Chest Vintage!

  17. I don't like the idea of buying vintage online. Don't know. Just seems like something where face to fabric impression is necessary.

  18. Re:
    Yes, I sell vintage on eBay because unlike me, there are people out there who DO know what to look for when buying vintage online.
    I don't see what is wrong with that - enlighten me

  19. Aww thanks for the shoutout! The store is going to be filling up with some crazy goodness over the next week :)


  20. Just found your blog, love it!
    and thanks for these been searching for some good vintage ebay stores!



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