Rotation in Review: OB/GYN

Disclaimer: I am aware a lot of my experiences are site-specific. I had the opportunity to go to a very 'hands-on' teaching hospital, and was able to participate A TON!

What I liked:
I loved delivering babies, especially when the attendings let me do nearly everything.
Pregnant women are (usually) super awesome, happy people.
On L&D - Getting to do the entire H&P, and following up with the patient every couple hours. Bonus pts if I was allowed to do ultrasounds.
Babies are freakin' cute!
Gyn Surgery - I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Surgery is so methodical and meticulous, which appeals to my personality type/character. Also, I got props on my suturing skills (practice at home kids, it really pays off!)
That time I put in a trocar... 
Having rounds at the beginning of the day where we discussed specific topics - it really helped me study ahead for the shelf, even though I spent hours reviewing all the ACOG bulletins the night before.
One particular clinic where the attending let me do all the gyn exams, pap smears, IUD removals and prenatal checks. Booya!
Scrubbing into an emergency ovarian torsion.
Three words: Da Vinci Robot.

What I disliked:
Ridiculously early hours - this has been the only time I literally couldn't function without coffee due to so little sleep.
Since this was my first rotation, and the intern's first month as well; it was very confusing and disorganized and stressful the first couple weeks.
I wish I knew more going into OB/GYN (it's not covered much in the MS2 curriculum or Step 1), and I really disliked feeling overwhelmed/lost, but it was pretty much inevitable at this stage in my education. It was a total ego check.
Standing for 9+ hours straight in back-to-back surgeries, with no food, bathroom or water breaks. I was dying! My arms and back were incredibly sore by the end of the day.
Gyn Onc - I had a really sad experience with one of the patients, and it just made me realize my heart is not strong enough for oncology, ever.
Working call shifts on weekends (womp)
I really disliked how much regular folk & medical professionals underestimate OB/GYN doctors; their job is insane and overwhelming, they deserve much more respect than they get. They're trained in medicine and surgery, work incredibly long hours even as senior attendings, and their malpractice insurance is nuts due to the nature of their job (if any of you have the chance to work in an MFM clinic, you will wonder how some of these little babies end up surviving until delivery. It's so stressful.)

Quick Guide (topics you should know before starting each block)
Labor & Delivery: fetal heart strips, stages of labor, drugs for induction, degrees of laceration, fetal positions
Gyn Surgery - female pelvic and reproductive anatomy, practice tying knots and suturing at home every day
Gyn Onc - know your most common gyn cancers, and the drugs used to treat and prevent reccurence
Clinic - know milestones/guidelines for each trimester of pregnancy, brush up on your STD's & all available contraception, know menopausal symptoms and treatments

How I studied for the shelf (I would recommend getting through all of these; I was unfortunately strapped for time at this location but ended up doing well):
UWorld - 2 passes, written notes on the 'main points', and reviewing all the charts
UWise - 1 pass, only had time to review half my notes afterwards, but I did 4 comprehensive tests
Case Files - only had time to get through 60% of this book, try to do it all at least once
2 NBME exams - underscored me by 10-15% but kicked my butt into studying extra

Final TIP: Prep for rounds every night, proactively see as many patients as possible, and volunteer to stay late on interesting cases. The more patients you see the better, especially since you'll learn a lot of skills on the wards that you can't learn properly from a book (pelvic exam, proper use of speculum, how to talk to the patient when they're in stirrups, learning how to hold & manipulate the baby as it's being delivered, suturing on real skin, etc)
    If your site for this rotation is not engaging, and residents don't allow you to do much then be pushy, ask for patients, and do an ACOG Practice Bulletin every morning/lunch break with other students on your team. 


P.S. If there's anything else you'd like me to add, just leave a comment or send me an e-mail!
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Medical School / / Clinic Oufits

Hi everyone!

I thought I would bring back another round of fashionable, professional clothing since it's so difficult to find appropriate items, and pretty easy to get into a style rut. I've also gone along and tried to find some similar pieces online to help you on your way. I'm almost done my second rotation, and I'm tired of repeating the same "look" (but I've scored a lot of polka dots, and bright colors lately!) Let's jump right in!
Sleek & Chic

Vibrant Lady

Asos floral midi dress
Caramel Love

Playful Patterns & Colors

I've also updated the blog's Shop section (top menu bar) with my new casual fall favourites! For those of you who have no need to dress up for work/school.

I hope you've enjoyed this feature. I'll try to post them more frequently since it's now a relevant part of my everyday life. 

What are your favorite quirky, yet professional pieces? Send me a link via the comments, email, or insta/twitter!


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Galena Adventures & Stunning Landscapes

This wonderful long weekend I made my way over to Galena, IL for the day. The Boy and I had an entertaining, albeit rainy, 3 hour drive to this small town known for its infamous "Main Street". And let me tell you, that ride was glorious; there were oodles of rolling hills and valleys along the way (as well as some popping ears!). Feel free to scroll down and see some of the photos near the end, where we pulled off to the side of the road to catch some landscape photographs.

Galena is straight out of a movie set. Its buildings are protected by historical site certification, and the architecture is mostly 19th century. One of the best aspects of this location, is that it's also built into on a hill, so there are several steep staircases transporting you from one scene to another. It's gorgeous, and completely encompassed by greenery. It's almost like being transported back in time while getting hugged by Mother Nature.

So without further ado, here's our photo diary (featuring my face, finally!):

Main Street! This is the downtown core, and where the staircases of doom stream off of. The shops are great, and they all have interesting colors and typography on their signs. I was able to pick up an amazingly scented handmade olive-oil soap bar at one of the many boutiques.
A quick shot halfway through our climb to the church on the hill. Phew, what a workout! My boyfriend made me take these four times. He loved it.

A new fave coffee shop that I may never see again. I loved their chai iced latte and the vintage decor! There was live music again (remember I mentioned this happened in Minneapolis? Loves it!), and The Boy and I had a round of chess whilst sipping our drinks. I lost, as usual. Haha!

Below begins the landscape shots on our ride back home. Just too beautiful. Thank you universe for this view.

Until we meet again, Galena!



Guest Post - Mixing Daily Street Style With High Fashion

     Maybe you’re a passionate fashion blogger, or a simple girl who loves Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, or  maybe even someone who wishes a Los Angeles fashion photographer would capture you walking down the street in your latest killer outfit. It doesn’t matter! Somehow, you’re always trying to bring a little haute couture into your street style. It looks cute, carefree, and up to date. To achieve such a look, the Parisian catwalks are always good sources of inspiration to help you mix up the daily city get-up with some high fashion influences.

     Firstly, go big. Choose denim jackets that are two sizes larger than normal, and within seconds you’ll get that comfortable 90’s look. Whatever you’ve got under that huge denim jacket, be it a dress or a crop top and leggings, it will look current and edgy. And no need to sweat the price, those jean jackets can be found for a bargain at second hand stores.

      Another popular idea is to wear a plain tee with a name brand splayed across the front. The most frequently worn pieces say CELINE, ACNE, LANVIN, amongst many other fashion houses. The whole idea is  quite versatile be it at Sunday brunch, or a hot party. It goes perfectly with a pair of high heels, boyfriend jeans or even a tight skirt. Go for it!

     You might think that the “leather thing” has already run its course in fashion, but it is still fresh in the game. This fall, don’t be afraid to wear neutral tone shirts with leather skirts or shorts/pants. When it gets a little cooler outside, leather helps keep you warm and on point.

    And lastly, the statement belt. It is back in stores & hot off the runway. Because of our last love affair with it, we know it will look chic, and minimize the waist like nothing else in this world. Amen!

 Hope you enjoy the tips, and get stockin’ on the fall wardrobe!

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