Recipes That Worked: Moroccan Eggs

I saw this dish on The Londoner (what's new..) and I decided to try it out last month. I love tomatoes, and eggs, and...who doesn't like chorizo? Seeing Rosie's pictures on her blog just made me salivate over the real thing. Aaaaaand it was pretty simple! You basically simmer this conglomeration of awesomeness on a skillet, and then plop it on the table to dip your bread in. We sliced up a french stick, and toasted it lightly in the oven before eating. This is a great appetizer dish, and you can always adjust the ingredients as you see fit. 
We may or may not have eaten it with some steak wrapped in bacon. I'm just saying. 

The next morning we headed out for a petit walk. Luckily it has gotten a lot warmer since then, and I cannot wait for full-fledged spring. Come onnnnn....



Things I Love Thursday

Thought I'd pop on here to remind myself that there is life outside of books & my apartment.
the fact that evenings are finally light outside * lapis of luxury by essie * consistently getting ENTJ no matter how many times I do the Myers-Briggs test - I feel like it helps refocus me * no longer wearing two pairs of pants * flowers that last two weeks * self heating face masks whaaaaat * deactivating facebook * writing notes in pretty colors* listening to the top ten auditions on X factor (am I that lame? I don't even watch X factor, I just love youtube.) * new ASMR videos * long talks * my little car * discovering a new library * poppin highlighters * being introduced to 'studyspo' on tumblr after one of my academic toolbox links went on fire * red pepper hummus * the sounds of 5am (of course I'm still up) * apartment hunting in chicago * dating someone who can cook! 
[I'm collecting apartment inspo on study breaks, because I'll be getting a bigger space (& roommates)!]



Spring Time Essentials

Hey everyone,

Today is the day. The first day I felt SPRING IN THE AIR! Oh, I'm so so happy! I drove to the bank, and whilst leaving I pretty much just wanted to sit on the bench outside and hang out with the birds. But ya know, studying + exams. Womp. I will settle for my open balcony door. Below are a few great pieces I found online during breaks between note-taking (woohoo, pathology of the vajayjay). Awkwarrrd. Enjoy the collage - I have lots of different price points in there to tickle everyone's fancy.
yellow polka dot dressfloral pencil skirtpink ankle strap flats - white skinnies - ear cuffblue tote - trench - tricolor sandals

Enjoy and please go out and savor that weather!!



Sneak Peak On Life Lately

Thought I'd share a few knick-knacks that have been added to the ol' apartment:

This wonderful tea set has gotten more use than I ever thought it would. Also, it makes your drink of choice look fantastic, and you don't need to remove the bottom platform of your Keurig machine to make coffee. Double win!
  You can pick up the set here (it would make a lovely housewarming gift): shopbop

A fun light pink sequin pillow to add to my growing collection of couch cushions. It was a total steal at Home Goods.

Burning my way through a new favorite candle.

This Keurig (single cup version) has been such a godsend. I know I'm not much of a coffee person, but since my parents bought this for me, I've almost turned into one. Besides, coffee has been found to prevent Alzheimer's. Woohoo!

Daisies = YAY!! Spring is coming!

My parents came for a visit this weekend, and we had so much fun cooking and laughing. Here is my dad setting fire to a homemade sausage, and the rest of us waiting to dig into the migas & potatoes. 

My goal this year is to try and take more pictures with my family & friends. Of course, the self-timer turned out this crazy gem. But...I love it!

Hope you're all doing well!

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