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13 July 2021

 How in the world is everyone doing?

Hopefully well and happy 😀. Life on this end has hit a remarkable level of peace and relaxation. I finished my formal medical training for good (I hope so - please Chantelle, don't get curious again). It feels like a magnificent weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It was a 15 year long journey from post-secondary school all the way to my last day in rheumatology clinic. A massive marathon that has reached the finish line. I could wallpaper my room with the amount of certificates/diplomas that these years accumulated. Yikes! But... Hallelujah it's over!

I celebrated by heading off to the USA and spending time with my partner. Border restrictions and quarantines have not been kind to us during this pandemic. A wild, mid-west, 4 state road trip adventure. No small town was left unturned! When it wasn't raining, I pretty much just soaked up the sun and let my eyes feast on any little thing that tickled my fancy. I ate way too much dairy for someone who is lactose-intolerant, and my breakouts are wonderful evidence of this. I don't mind it one bit. I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of summer and early fall before returning back to a regular work routine. 

One day at a time 🙏

Tell me what you're up to these next 1-2 months! 

This was at Monello - a wonderful Italian restaurant in Minneapolis with an exciting menu!
Fresh ice cream from Scratch Ice Cream in Milwaukee - Can't wait to go back and check out all the small eateries at this Food Hall. Yummmmy!

The best antique store I've had the pleasure of seeing in all these years.... right in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It's called Antique Emporium, and I also just found their eBay store in case you want some unique pieces.

I've also updated my e-mail subscription list on the sidebar ( since the last program was phased out. Please join me on there, and the posts will go to your inbox. Hopefully I'll be posting more regularly over the next little while!


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