Fashion Pieces For An All-Day Put Together Look (Collaborative Post)

7 July 2021

  Looking put together all day can be challenging, particularly if you have multiple places to be. You might need to go to work, then the gym followed by dinner. No one wants to bring a bag full of spare clothes with them. So let's address this issue together, and look at some transition pieces and looks to take you on all of your daily journeys.



Trainers are the most practical shoe. They can be great for commuting to work, heading to the gym, and dressing up for the evening. Trainers will provide all-day comfort and convenience. 

Asics shoes are smart running shoes that are ideal for exercise as well as fashion. They are a trend trainer that offer style and comfort, making them perfect for achieving an all-day put together look. 

To dress a trainer up, you could wear a mini or midi length dress or skirt. Make sure the trainers match the colour scheme so that they don’t stand out. Or, you could wear a smart pair of trousers and a blazer to make the trainers look practical and as formal as possible. Dark coloured trainers are the most suitable for professional environments as they won’t stand out, and can make a fashion statement. 

@emilyclaireevans (she is a blazer wizard)


The most formal outerwear piece is a blazer, which is the most suitable for professional situations. However, they can be a great piece to wear with a more casual outfit as they can add a lot to your style. A blazer will make you look clean and cool no matter the occasion. 

You will likely wear a blazer in a formal work setting - corporate, law, important meetings etc. However, that doesn't mean this piece remains formal and stuff - it can be easily appropriated to a more casual occasion such as a lunch date or even running errands. 

A smart blazer with a pair of jeans and trainers is a cool and comfortable look for a day of various activities. You will look put together and feel comfortable. 


Chinos are a pair of trousers that mix between smart and casual. It all depends on how you style them. They are great for comfort no matter if you have a busy day at the office or running errands. 

If you want to dress chinos up for the office, you might want to wear them with smart shoes or heels. Then, teaming them with a blazer will tie the whole look together and make it suitable for the workplace. 

Or, you might want to wear them casually on holiday or for a day of shopping. If so, you can style chinos in whichever way suits you. You can pair them with a t-shirt, crop top, jumper, or anything you like for all-day comfort. As chinos are smarter than a pair of jeans or tracksuit bottoms, they will ensure that you look put together the entire day.

(also thanks to TikTok for showcasing Coach's new comeback- great pieces with their new designers)

A shoulder bag

With there being various types of bags, you might be wondering which is the most practical and stylish for an all-day put together look. A shoulder bag will be your best bet as it can appear professional or casual. Depending on your preference and needs, shoulder bags come in a variety of sizes. You can carry one big enough for a laptop, or a small one with just your wallet and diary.

White t-shirt

A white t-shirt is the most versatile top you can own. They can suit any setting whether it be the workplace or the gym. 

If you own a clean white t-shirt, then you can easily style it to look great for an office. Pairing it with accessories, a blazer, and smart trousers will amp up its appearance and make it suitable for the workplace. You could also dress it down with jeans and trainers for a more casual look. 


Accessorizing with sunglasses is a great way to tie a look together. Accessories can say a lot about a person. If you wear sunglasses with either a pair of jeans or a suit, they will work to finish the look and make you look put together. 

The best colour option to go for is black. Black sunglasses will go with any colour palette and be ideal for swapping environments throughout the day.


Speaking of accessories, jewellery is another way to style an outfit and add some personality to your look. Simply adding a necklace and some rings will add some spunk or elegance depending on what you use. A dusting of rings and a small gold necklace with a diamond are personal favorites.

Either way, the jewellery you wear will add the finishing touches to an outfit.


Scarves are another accessory that make an outfit look unique, and add some coziness. You can do a thick scarf for winters, or add silk elegant pieces for spring/summer.

There are many types of scarves to choose from, just decide on what your goal is with accessorizing.

Walkable heels

If you want to look put together all day and really amplify your look, a pair of walkable heels can do a lot for an outfit. Ensuring they are comfortable is key, otherwise, you will make your feet ache and end up take them off (or being miserable the rest of the day if you're anything like me). Opt for a short heel. Wedges are great for all-day comfort and their soft bottoms are protective for the feet. 

You can team a pair of walkable heels with any outfit. You can pair them with shorts and a t-shirt for a laid back casual appearance. Or, you can add them to a suit for a professional look.

This is a great example of a day-to-night black dress from Banana Republic

Classic black dress

If you are wondering where the dress option was, here it is. A classic black dress is the best option for an all-day outfit. A classic black dress can make you look ready for the red carpet or dressed down for a casual lunch date. 

Wearing a black dress means that you will want to accessorize effectively. Neutral colours work in any setting.

A black dress can look great with heels and a high bun with a beautiful necklace. Or, you could pair it with flats and a scarf for a more comfortable and relaxed appearance (throw in those Converse high tops!).

Simple touches of gold or silver will take the look from basic to chic in seconds so don't forget your jewelry.

Tell me what your favorite transition hacks are!



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