Lovely Little Things That Can Add A Lot To Your Style (Collaborative Post)

9 December 2020

   Are you thinking about ways that you can enhance your personal style this upcoming year? There are lots of possibilities to explore, and 2021 is starting to look up! Below are some tips on finessing and honing in on your individual style for the upcoming season.


If you wear glasses, then it’s important to note that these can immediately impact your first impression on others. The right glasses will match the shape of your face perfectly and accentuate all your best features. For instance, aviator style glasses complement a long face beautifully. Alternatively, if you have a round face, John Lennon glasses can be the way to go. Mix it up with colors and frame styles! If you visit website online that specialize in glasses (be they shades, dailies or blue-light blocking glasses), then they are typically set up with measurements and algorithms that make picking the perfect set a breeze.


There are definitely other accessories that can add a lot to someone's style, too. Jewelry is the first thing that comes to mind for me. You could consider going minimal with simple shapes and high quality materials - can look classic and transition into any outfit you're wearing. Alternatively, adding a little sparkly with chandelier earrings, or a statement ring came make a demure outfit really pop.

Tech has also entered the fashion market over the last few years. The most notable being the smart watch. It keeps you informed, aware of your body's habits/monitoring, and stylish. Albeight a bit clunky at times, you can always change the watch strap of your watch and have it match your outfits. And as always, there are the non-tech classics. Can one really go wrong with a Rolex? Timeless.


Choosing shades that compliment your skin tone are also key to know as well. Not every color will work and that's okay. This is where fashion experimentation is quite enjoyable. Don't be afraid of bold colors, and mix and matching. Also take into account certain seasons, and see what you're most comfortable with as well. Many choose darker, warm colors for the winter and bright shades with cool undertones for the summer. You do you!


Finally, you can work on choosing the right sizes of clothing for the look you're going for. A good fitting suit for job interviews or meetings takes time to find, and a tailor will be your best friend. A soft slim pair of jeans to wear with oversized sweaters or a crop top throughout any time of the year? That will take some digging, and you may find yourself now loyal to a certain denim brand. Take your time, and never be hard on yourself. Knowing what size you are in certain brands makes buying online easier. Knowing when you want to size up or down for a certain look is also encouraged. Large cozy turtlenecks in the men's section? Getting two sizes of your favorite shirt so you can pull off different looks? Go for it. There are no rules!

We hope this helps get you started on your personal style journey. With these tips, you can guarantee that you will look incredible and won't need to stress about small details.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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