the grande list - week of May 3rd 2021

3 May 2021

Hello world,

Hope all is going well on your side of the screen! I've been working through my spring cleaning, and have gotten stuck on the part where I put everything aside to donate/trash and it stays in the corner for weeks. Anyone do that? *sigh

In other news, I've been on inpatient consult week/on-call, and whenever I do, I gorge myself on party food. This week has been amazing. It's mostly out of convenience that these shops are on the way home. Ain't nothing more satisfying than a fresh slice of pizza and some root beer at the end of the day. Just fantastic!

Here is my grande list for the week:

1. I am still in love with this group from Iceland. This is their latest song; so much old school Napoleon Dynamite vibes. 

2. Tulips in fun vases! Vase is from H&M for those of you interested. Woman's body - source of life.
3.  Recipe for the week is going to be Broccoli Lemon Pasta. Yum!

4.  For those of you looking to get Biologique Recherche in Canada, One-One has a wonderful supply and fast shipping. I wish we had stronger acids available to us in this country, but this is good enough!

5. Just wrapped up reading A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah Maas. For those of you who know, you know. I think I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the series it off-shoots from... it wasn't my favorite but it was entertaining. I'm now onto That Will Never Work (The Birth of Netflix) by Marc Randolph. So far, so good. 


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