the grande list - week of April 5th 2021

7 April 2021

Hello everyone!

I hope you've all been doing well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Usually I'm annoyed with winter once the Christmas holidays are over. However, having to experience the chill and snow really makes me embrace spring and summer to its fullest extent. I just love it!

Anywho, enough about the weather. Here is what made the list this week:

1.  If you haven't tried the delicious smelling Bum Bum Cream then please do. I had their coconut cream as a sample, and I am in loooove. While I'm on the topic, their conditioner gives me lovely waves. I basically feel like a beach kid after a Sol de Janeiro session. 

2. I am not sure how accurate these new digital scales are, but the data collection is quite insightful. I got one for myself and like seeing my bone mass and muscle mass. I thought I was going to come up much worse than expected given my covid laziness! Ha! Here is the one I picked up that's linked with its own app. 

3. Okay this week's recipe attempt is black bean stuffed sweet potatoes - nom nommmm. 

4. I've always loved the preppy school-girl look, and this Zara dress is on my wishlist for summer. 

5. Anyone read some good fiction lately? I just finished Lore during my study breaks. and enjoyed it. Wasn't my fave, but it's a solid 7/10. Tik Tok made me read it, and I thought it would be better. Ha!


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