the grande list - week of March 28th

29 March 2021

 Hello everybody!

I hope you've all been doing well and enjoying the sunshine. I just wrapped up a two week block of inpatient rheumatology and I am glad it's over. The learning is fantastic, but after a while it gets tiring. To celebrate my last day I indulged in an evening of pizza, Dr Pepper and Korean dramas. I loved it! #homebody4life

Anywho, I've now got three weeks until I write the first part of my Canadian rheumatology board exam. There will be lots of tea and studying in my future!

Here is my grande list for the week:

1. I'm now several weeks into having a social media-free phone. It has been a great experience, and saves me lots of time aimlessly scrolling. I've also felt no urgency to have immediate e-mail push notifications turned back on. These are tools I'm going to keep moving forward on my zen/productivity journey.

2. Audrey's new vintage drop is going to hit her shop soon, and I always look forward to the beautiful photography she and her team put out. This month's theme is flowers, and this elegant dress was designed by her to be made in limited edition in Spain. If you don't follow her, please do it now!

3. I'm looking forward to trying out a thai green curry tofu dish this week. Wish me luck! 

4. I always have something playing in the background while I go about studying or doing other tasks. I've been into SIGNS on Netflix this week - a Polish crime series. Enjoy!

5. For those of you in Canada, Simons has great light leather bags for work under their own namesake. I'm pretty picky with how heavy a bag is at baseline before I purchase it, since it's filled with heavier medical supplies, but these are basically leather clouds. Don't sleep on Simons. 


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