the grande list - Week of March 1st, 2021

2 March 2021

Hi lovely people!

I'm feeling so much better this week, and can't wait to share everything that has got me excited. I hope those of you in Ontario are enjoying the slightly warmer weather and sunny skies! I've been scooping up pieces online to refresh my home, and doing a huge purge. It has been so...refreshing? I'm not sure if that's the right word. It's almost like a mix of relief and excitement. Ha!

So without further ado, here is my grande list of wonders for the week:

1. Saturday Cartoons - hear me out. This is something that always brought me comfort and joy as a child, and it is so fun to do now as an adult. I happened to fall into the kids section on Netflix and there are so many nice cartoons nowadays. It's delightful to be exposed to the fun, optimistic storylines of our youth - kids shows frequently ended on a good note. It's so wholesome!!

Miraculous has been my favourite!

2. I'm now three weeks without social media on my phone, and I've been mood tracking since February 3rd. I think I'm starting to notice a positive trend and it's reassuring. My pandemic anxiety is a bit lessened too. I'm looking forward to seeing how my moods progress in March. Hopefully I'll get into my exam study stretch with a clear, calm mind. Also, avoiding caffeine. For some reason I can't handle it anymore.

3. I've been on the hunt now for a new work tote, but I haven't come to a decision. A part of me wants a leather tote in black, and another wants a more structure canvas black bag with lots of compartments I can wash. No idea! Does anyone just throw their bag on the floor 80% of the time? Mine is frequently on the ground in clinics and hospitals, so nothing fancy allowed. Here are a few bags that have been on my list for the past 2 months. I will make a decision one day. 😭

4. Since 2018 I have worn a piece of jewelry on me that has the evil eye charm. It's superstitious and I don't fully believe it's a protective amulet (crappy stuff still happens when I wear it ha!)..but for some reason I feel safer having it me during the day. I had to replace my old bracelet (this is my third time purchasing some variation of the evil eye bracelet) and I went with a small Canadian business from Etsy - Elisya. It's so BEAUTIFUL! I have tiny wrists so I chose the small size, and it's perfect.

   pink bracelet, evil eye bracelet

5. My snake plant is growing new leaves in my very low light apartment, and that feels like a good sign! 



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