the grande list - March 15 2021

15 March 2021

 Hello everyone!

I had a nice long week off of work to semi-catch up on life. I mean catching up is never a thing, but I feel slightly more on top of things. I wish travel vacations were possible, but hopefully towards the end of the year it will be something we can start enjoying again.

In the mean time, I also slept a lot and my brain and body are thanking me for it. Let's normalize self-care to look like a super quiet day that you spend in bed and ignore your to-do list. 

Okay, now on to the grande list of wonders I have come across in the past couple weeks:

1. I am LATE to the game but I've been watching 'Crash Landing on You' (the Korean Drama everyone has been speaking about during the past year) and it is glorious. I'm not a hopeless romantic by any stretch, but this is super gushy and lovely. I'm almost done the season and I am so sad about it. 

2. Rainbow cloud signet ring. Like, come on. It's beautiful!

rainbow ring
3. I'm getting my meal planning grocery list ready for the week, and vegetarian Singapore noodles are on my recipe list. 

4. I picked up this modern watering can from Urban Outfitters and really love how aesthetic it looks out on display. Something useful for my plants, but also functional as a decor piece. 

5. I have been using my ipad more lately for my board studying (it's never ending, I swear), and I've been enjoying notability to write notes and annotate files. What are some of your favorite study apps? I would love to try more and I'm even considering journalling digitally. 
6. Buy yourself some flowers this week. You deserve it! 

Hope you all have an enjoyable week!



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