the grande list - week of Feb 22, 2021

22 February 2021

Hello everybody!

It has been another chilly week here in the city. So many snow storms! I'm really excited to finally write to you 2 days after my second covid vaccine. It was originally delayed, because of the late shipments to Canada, but now I'm done. I'm praying everyone gets access soon and we can start getting to some semblance of normal by fall/winter this year. 

Anyway, here is my grande list of wonders from the past week 😃

1. Fresh flowers. Really, does anything beat them? I think I'm going to get flowers delivered regularly during these long winter months. I know it's going to be chilly up until May, so there is still a while to go. 

2. I had my second go-round with kimchi fried rice and it was just as amazing as the first time! I definitely recommend trying it out at home. It's cozy and flavourful. Here is the recipe I loosely follow. 

3. As I mentioned last week, I have been cutting down on social media and constant distractions/notifications from my phone. So far it has been okay and I do feel calmer. I've decided to also track my mood during this period. I got a tip to remove email push updates, and that has been a great loss of temptation. I took a lot of recommendations from Make Time. I have been also been enjoying their articles on focus and efficiency!

4. I have been loving this Japanese creator's youtube channel Miku - her videos are serene, beautiful and a little quirky. 


5. I started using GrandeLash a couple months ago, and it has been wonderful. I couldn't believe how long my lashes grew. I didn't realize it until my mother brought it up, and since I barely wear make-up nowadays it didn't seem like anything was happening. I decided to see how my face looked with my lashes curled and with mascara. What a difference! *Just a disclaimer, I do have naturally thick and long lashes, except now they're on steroids. Ha!

And lastly, my exhausted but excited face after my second Pfizer vaccine. Yayz!


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