the grande list - week of Feb 15, 2021

15 February 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope all is going well on your end of the screen. It has been a cold, and slushy week here in the great white north. There's just something about a huge snowfall that makes things feel a bit cozy and harks back to the cheery Christmas season! 

I hope you've been feeding the brain with wholesome things, and keeping in touch with the people you love. I know it's been a hard winter, but there is a silver lining in the future. Let's hope for better times!

1. I finished reading 'Maybe You Should Talk to Someone' and it was like a hug for the soul; an especially needed one during lockdown. I definitely recommend it!

2. If you're feeling in a funk, an old episode from Queer Eye will do the trick. It is such a heartwarming show. I can't wait until the pandemic is over and we get to see these wonderful men impact more people's lives. I always manage to cry and laugh during every hero episode. 

3. I ended up painting my toenails in alternating colours of green and blue halfway through the week, and they're just a cheerful sight to see during the day as I'm working through virtual clinic, and walking to the kitchen for snacks! 10/10 Recommend 

4. I think I'm going to start journalling again, and one of my favourite ways to do it is either documenting some good memories in my daily planner, or using Day One journal app. I fell off the bandwagon of doing my gratitude lists several months ago, and I would love to get back into it!

5. I bought myself a pastel suit so I can wear during conference presentations in warmer weather (whenever they start again, ha!) and quite a few are now available online, including Zara. It's such a fun, and youthful trend!

6. Can we bring pigtails back? I feel like they're totally taboo after age 13 unless you're wearing a costume, but they're incredibly cute to wear on the nape of the neck during a dirty hair day.

7. This is a friendly reminder, mostly to myself, to buy new pillows for better sleep. They should be changed every 1-2 years. You're welcome. 

8. I'm not sure how any of you have been feeling about social media lately, but I feel like it's not a good space one year into the pandemic. Although I have enjoyed learning a lot from educational creators, they're unfortunately squished out of the algorithm and we are all too easily distracted by the more superficial. Also, seeing some influencers I've followed for years get absolutely crucified has just made me feel ill at how mean everyone can be to absolute strangers. As I get closer to another board exam (will they ever end?!) I'm keen on taking another indefinite break. I like tracking my moods during these periods as well, but I haven't done a mood tracker when I don't have a huge exam waiting in the wings. I feel like the anxiety level remains the same on and off social media during these times, but I have better focus. Ha! I will see what I decide to do. However, I think maybe all of us would benefit from a bit of a break from the inevitable comparison game!

9. This is for my fellow Ontarians who are starting to ease out of lockdown and stay at home orders - stay safe and congrats on making it through another period of isolation!

10. Routine - this has helped me during some tough weeks when I'm on a block of virtual clinics. Just getting ready with a different outfit every day, and doing my skincare routine is comforting. 



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