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28 October 2011

Wow, I just spent 40 minutes tagging old posts. I'm almost done! I can't believe I actually wrote that much. See... I'm committed. :D [chuckle]  Anywho, let's proceed:

images from: home-designing

I never thought a Hermés Birkin would be on my future wish-list... but after seeing Carla Peres' videos, it has made top 3. If only I was [finally] 35 and bringing in some big moolah. I know, patience is a virtue.

+ I'm so excited for Sydney & Tys' baby arrival! Any day now... 
+ Fall break is in two weeks! I know I have an exam before and after it, but I'm excited to get back home to Toronto!
+ We don't have Simply Lemonade in Canada; I just discovered the Raspberry version here in Illinois...and I'm HOOKED!
+ My new obsession is Betsey Johnson & Madewell jewelry. It is so quirky & fun <3
+ I've been trying to find a warm anorak for the fall transition to winter, but not luck. I've been on the lookout since late August. This is quite frustrating. :(
+ I'm going to set up a few give-aways before Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled. 
+ Does anyone know if they're still selling those leopard scarves at H&M? I think I want to get my hands on one next weekend. If not I'll get this silk one by Yarnz, but it's not quite winter-friendly.

What's up with you!?


  1. Love the video of the Hermes.. ahh, if only, if only..


  2. Gah pictures like these make me want to go to Ikea and buy EVERYTHING in sight!


  3. Loved this post, thank you for the lovely links darling!

    Good luck on your exams and yay for fall break! I wish I had something like that here, fall is the perfect time to lazy around and forget about school :D

  4. oh Hermes!!


  5. Love your blog! You share lot of inspiration! I'm you new follower! :) BTW, that orange colored birkin is awesome!

  6. mmmm Birkin!!!



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