"Qui vit sans folie n'est pas si sage qu'il croit." - François de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD, Maximes, 1, 209

18 October 2011

Hola everyone,

I was sent a beautiful bracelet from Marine, over at Feeliroque. She totally caught my heart after we exchange e-mails in French, and I slowly got back into the habit of exposing myself to more Francophone culture [ie./ blogs, news, movies, tout en français!] Anywho, I was given free reign over what to choose at Feeliroque, and I fell in love with the quoted braceletes. Mine says. "Be my unicorn" It's so adorable. And you guys totally know when I love something that was sent to me, I wear it to death. I still haven't removed my black LubLub stacker since I received it 5 months ago. Awesome possum! I love helping young people who have the drive and courage to start their own small business. Power to ya.


  1. THIS IS SOOOOO PRETTYYYYY! It must have taken forever to do those words. Wow.

  2. What a brilliant idea! I'm in love with it

  3. I know isn't it amazing!? Sooo delicate.

  4. Uh, seriously gorgeous! <3 I would be scared to break such a lovely piece of delicate jewellery though!


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