Academic Toolbox #2: Keeping Your Cool During Midterm Exams

27 October 2011

Hey everyone,

Here are a few more tips for midterm season. I hope everyone is doing well, keeping sane, and not losing hope. I just had a rough week on my end, so I'm glad it's over and Halloween is approaching!

- Always make sure your written notes have the correct information. I've found myself memorizing incorrect points many times!
- Don't be afraid to ask questions, either through e-mails or in person. This doesn't mean pestering your professors on the daily, but rather having a studying group where you can hash out details. Then if you're all stuck on a concept, you can go to the teacher/prof/TA for clarification.
- Which brings me to the following point, get a study group even if you're a solo learner. You'll keep each other sane as exams approach. Who else is going to answer your nagging questions at 4:30am the night before a test?
- Study where you peak, if it's a library, stay there, if it's your room, stay there! Also, keep in mind your best studying time frame. Mine is 11pm - 3am [I'm working on it.]
- Take this quiz to see what kind of learner you are, and how to adapt to it
- If it's 1-2 days before a test, and your stress has caused extreme anxiety attacks. Stop. Breath. Do something relaxing. I tend to take hot bubble baths or do some yoga. Trust me, you'll get 80% more work done afterwards! Extreme anxiety isn't conducive to proper memory solidification. Chill. 
- Don't give up. EVER. 
- Look at the big picture. What's the main point of each lecture? How is this material related to the lecture before and after? What does the prof want me to see by relaying the information in this order?

Good luck! Here are my exam tips from Academic Toolbox #1!


  1. Oh I wish I had read these tips sooner. I finished my midterms about two weeks ago and boy oh boy was I stressed out at the time. It turned out alright though. Thank god.

    These are great tips!

  2. merci merci! I love doling out advice after screwing up a little. Learn from other people's mistakes, I always say..

  3. I might print this post out, just so you know ;) Thank you, god knows I need all the help I can get when it comes to managing stress in these trying times!


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