"In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia." - Charles A. Lindbergh

11 October 2011

Hello everyone!

Long time no post-y. As some of you may know, my Master's program runs on a 'every-other-week' exam schedule, so I'm constantly studying, and up to my waist in notes. Hopefully I can get around to writing another academic toolbox post to share some new tips and tricks I've acquired. I just love school! Today I had an exhausting double exam, so I just ordered myself a pizza. I've never done that before! I love cooking, but I'm super-drained due to lack of sleep. I just want a glass of zinfandel, and to watch movies all night. Mmmm...
Alright, so below are a few photographs [read: 4/40] taken last week, while wandering around the surrounding area. My university & apartment complex are surrounded by forest and greenery. It's so lovely & relaxing! [I'll detest it come winter, and I have to trudge through a few feet of snow.]
Scarf-vintage (similar one by Theodora & Callum), socks- from Portugal, leggings- Lululemon, button down- Pull & Bear, 
loafers: Marc Jacobs
On my weekend visit back home to Toronto, I got the chance to re-do my hair. I'm so low-maintenance with it, that I wonder why I have such an attraction to blonde. I'm convinced it makes me look tanner. 
That's all I got for today! I'll be putting up a guest post by ASOS soon, followed by a wonderful piece of jewelry that was sent to me by a reader from France. I can't wait to show you how cute it is!

Also, a few wündermuffins:
Thank you, ok's beauty post on her fave products. I just love the entire aesthetic of this blog, period.
+ This video by Miranda July on "A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted" - Love it! Great music + clothes!
+ I just recently read about Junko Furuta, a 16 year old girl that was tortured for 44 days, and killed by a group of 17 year-old boys (circa 1988). This is not for the faint of heart. (I could not stop crying during/after I read this.)


  1. The sock, loafer and stockings\tights combination is adorable!


  2. Beautiful photos! <3

    I can't take reading everything in that Tumblr post about Junko Furuta, but what I've managed to read... is unreal. I can't believe there's humans doing this to other humans. :'(

  3. these images are just so beautiful! i love the shot of the socks and loafers!!
    xo TJ

  4. I didn't know Marc Jacobs made such cute loafers! You look adorable!


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