Places to Visit in Ontario & My Beach Essentials

14 June 2020

Hi everyone!

Since we are all stuck in our respective countries (and provinces) for the foreseeable future, I thought it would be nice to make a list of places to visit for those of you who are in Ontario. Since Toronto and surrounding cities are still under lockdown, we have started planning small day trips to different towns nearby for the summer. Always check the locations and shops/restaurants you want to visit beforehand to see if they're closed because of the pandemic. Don't forget to bring your masks (if you're seeing this post after 2020, I hope the world is in a better place). Let's dive right in!

This gorgeous small town has lovely shops to visit and a quarry that is a delight to sunbath and cool off in. My family and I had a wonderful time there a few years ago. This location is ~1.5 hours from Toronto. If you're into water activities there is tubing down the river available! 
elora quarry

If you want to be in an idyllic town with beautiful surroundings, nice shops and restaurants and the chance to enjoy wine country, then this is the place to be. I always end up buying some unique pieces from their local boutiques, and the walk around the area is extremely enjoyable because of the people-watching and opportunity to pop into the park. There's also nice real estate to scope out if you enjoy looking at houses.

If you decide to extend this trip and stay for a few days, considering spending the night at the luxurious Prince of Wales Hotel and also popping into the local theatre (Royal George) to catch a play. 

If you enjoy nature, hiking and fresh water swimming in a gorgeous location, then this is the place for you. It truly looks like a tropical location but located in Canada. Bring a nice picnic basket full of goodies and spend the day with friends!

This town at the southern end of Georgian Bay is a wonderful trip to enjoy beaches and park trails. If you want a break from the city, this is a breath of fresh air because it isn't as busy as most beaches near Toronto. I am quite excited to check out this area soon, and lunch by the water. 

Home to the world's largest baymouth barrier dune, this place is a feast for the eyes and a lovely place to relax. It's another large, sandy beach to sink your toes in and drift about on your flamingo floatie. Also a great area for hiking, and close to Prince Edward County to enjoy their biking and winery. 

Now that you have an itinerary for your summer road trips, don't forget to bring your supplies! Here is what I usually have with me: 

Hope you all have a great upcoming week!

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