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18 June 2020

Hi everyone! 
I have been focusing a lot more on my space recently (like the rest of the world), and how I can refresh it and upgrade some pieces for any future moves. I have been working on my balcony, but the next few projects have inspired the list below. 
kitchen inspo, california kitchen

1. Continuing to replace my single-use items with multipurpose or sustainable/compostable pieces. I have replaced plastic containers one at a time with glass ones - I use my plastic containers until they break/start leaking. I also try to repurpose them for other organizational jobs (ie/ holding buttons, paper clips etc). I've also given up on old-school dishwashing sponges and invested in a few compostable sponges and a bamboo brush. Has anyone else been washing 2 million dishes a week since quarantine started? I feel like it's my new part-time job. (I miss having a dishwasher so much. Never again will a rent a place without one!)
The Pale Blue Dot in Hamilton is also a sustainable shop full of goodies & they deliver - check out their homeware here.

2. New cooking books since I'll be making most homemade meals for the foreseeable year. Is anyone else also getting tired of their regular recipes? I typically order in once a week so I can support a local Hamilton business, but sometimes I want to do it every day. 😂 Since I've been trying to incorporate a larger variety of whole-food plant-based recipes, including vegetarian and vegan dishes, I have also been eyeing & buying a few books. 
vegetarian cookbookplant based diet
thug kitchenvegetarian recipes

3. Home hacks - I have officially placed contact-paper in my rental apartment. The aesthetic change was mind-boggling. I am kicking myself for waiting so long. I can't wait to cover my kitchen counters! I also found beautiful stick & peel wallpapers that will give your space a face lift. Make sure when you get your contact paper that it's sturdy and water-proof. 
marble contact paper kitchen
4. Grow a small herb garden. You might as well. 😂 That way you make less waste, earn your green thumb, and you can begin to propagate some of your own veggies. I have scallions growing in my kitchen (after a grocery run) and haven't had to buy them for months.
small herb garden

5. Spend some time on your balcony and patio in the evening. If you're going back to work or have been locked inside working from home, taking a dinner or a glass of wine/iced tea outside is a lovely mental break. Here are some lighting ideas to liven up your space at night. 
balcony at night

What have all of you been up to recently? I've been on my vacation, and had the opportunity to do a lot of reading and learning. 


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