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22 June 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well. I thought I would share some of my favorite youtube accounts over the past year. I have found these people to be very inspiring, and informative. I didn't have any exposure to financial courses during university, so I learned quite a bit online over the years. I'm grateful we have such easy access to knowledge nowadays. So without further ado, here are my go-to subscriptions:

1. Patricia Bright - The Break Platform
Patricia's off shoot account focuses on building, maintaining and growing wealth. She also talks about her challenges, failures and successes so we can reap the rewards of her lessons. The account is an overall great place for advice about money management, going for your dreams, and learning about entrepreneurship.

I love Graham's no bullshit approach to saving money. My favorite episodes are when he reacts to Millennial Money. Hearing him critique the financial decisions the interviewees are doing poorly/well is very informative. He also discusses real estate quite a bit; he focuses on how you can also get into it and run investment properties. This information is mostly on his main channel here. Also...he's hilarious. He repeats the same financial objectives you should have in each video, so it really starts sinking in the more you watch it. Smash the like button. 

For those of you interested in learning a bit about investing for retirement AND you're Canadian, Brandon is your guy. I was overwhelmed trying to do it on my own, but Brandon was super easy to follow. All of the Youtubers on this list have the same strategy: buy and hold for the longterm. I never follow people that try to harp easy money and timing the market. I was able to figure out how to manage my own investing in a TFSA account via Questrade thanks to Brandon. 
Kayln has wonderful motivational, spiritual and organizational videos. There is really something for everyone on her channel. If I need to get my butt kicked into gear to clean up my place, exercise and plan my month, I put on Kayln and it works like magic. She's also been going through a spiritual & introspective journey for the past year, and taking us along with her. Having the courage to show her vulnerability truly makes her relatable and unique.  

This family is total goals. They will show you how they reached 'FIRE' and the steps we can take to get there as well. Overall, they have very realistic information on the financial decisions and sacrifices you need to make in order to retire early, or reach financial independence to the point where you have the option to leave your job for good. They also decided to move to Portugal with their two daughters when they retired, and I love their videos around Lisbon!

I hope that was enjoyable, and you're able to learn from these wonderful people. 


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