Life Journal - May 31 2020

31 May 2020

Hi everyone!

Hope all of you are doing well and staying safe. Life is quite odd on this end. My medical training has been flipped on its head, and many of us are learning virtual care and continuing to hone our communication skills. I feel privileged to still be able to work and make an income. It's also pretty awesome to go in and see some of my patients in the hospital. For the majority of us that went into the medical field, the loss of human interaction from COVID is the part we miss the most. I think many of us from all fields can relate to this. I hope it's all over we will learn to appreciate the simple joys of every day life, and having great person-to-person connections. 

Enough of my rambling though...I've been trying to set up small projects around my apartment that will make it more cozy and fun to be in. It's a great time to actually get to projects you keep putting off now that we are encouraged to say home. For me it's finally getting my curtains set up, creating and executing a balcony make-over, and seeing what new vibe I want for my overall decor. I'm thinking more relaxed neutrals breaking up my bright white pieces. I still can't give up my clean Swedish inspiration - Ha!

Here are some of the photos I've been using to guide me lately:
You know what else has been irking me? Quarantine acne. What's the deal friends!? For some reason going back to wearing sunscreen religiously and putting on a slight face of make-up helps. It's the best kick in the ass to get ready every morning. Lazy day = breakout. My favorite has been adding back Drunk Elephant's glycolic acid serum. It seriously works best on me compared to other glycolic acid products I've used. It's magical!
These are my current sunscreens: Bioré and Ombrelle 

I have also pulled out all my summer clothes and filled up the closets. I make myself get dressed in my favorite outfits everyday. It's the best! I can't wear short dress, or jeans at work so I get to put on my fun casual clothes while I chat with patients on the phone. If I have a day of video conference calls then it's business on top, and ruffles on the bottom. Wooohoo! 

And most importantly, I've been educating myself more on racism this weekend. The video linked below is amazing, and connects to several lectures on the topic that are equally as engaging and enlightening. If you can continue to educate yourself, and use your voice to be anti-racist then the world will begin to change (albeit slowly, since oppression runs deep in large institutions of power). We need to continue to have a collective effort as allies to POC. If you are able to donate to organizations fighting against police brutality and racism, please do so. They will need our support to invoke longterm change. 


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