Interior Decor Projects To Complete While Social Distancing

6 April 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all physically and mentally doing well during this time of global crisis. I have been finding activities to complete whilst in my apartment and self-isolating. I do need to drop into the hospital throughout the week, but our consulting service has made it a priority to limit the amount of time we spend there inside to decrease COVID spread. In order to keep a positive mindset and not slowly spiral into anxiety about the next couple months, I have decided to focus my spare time on sprucing up my apartment, and tackling some organizational projects. Here are some of my ideas, in case you want to join in as well:

1. During your next grocery delivery, add a bouquet of flowers. I ordered tulips and it really brightening up my eating area. Table for one, anyone?

2. Cupboard clean-up: I've been trying to organize some of my pantry staples since I have a small kitchen. I've gleaned a few ideas from pinterest and instagram, and I'm thinking of ordering a set of glass containers to start storing my pastas, rice, and cookies.

3. Spice Rack Redo: Since I moved into this place, my counter space has always posed a problem. (I really was used to a much larger kitchen back in Cleveland), so I'm trying to find a way to organize my spice rack and alternative option that frees up more room for me to chop veggies near the stove. Wall racks are an option. I am also thinking of doing a magnetic board on the wall. What do you think?! Anyone have something similar?

4. Hang up the photos and art work you have lying around. Order some new ones and spruce up the place. I have a gorgeous piece that I got from Photowall that can be seen below. It's shipped with the pieces, and you stretch the canvas onto the wood in a few easy steps. Adore it!

5. Online shop for the new pieces you've been putting off buying due to sheer laziness. For me it's a skinny bookshelf to fit in a specific corner of my apartment. No time like the present

6. Add greenery to your space - I've been deciding where I would like to add big and small plants throughout the main living area, and which ones will be real vs fake.

7. Make a cute exercise area for yourself.

8. Stock up on your candles - I don't know about you, but I've been burning mine like crazy. I am also a fan of the electric ones for tea light replacement, because tea lights barely last and I find it a bit wasteful. Also, my place smells amazing!

9. Switch out old photos from your frames, or add in new frames to your bedside tables and buffets.

10. Curtains - I finally purchased new rods and will get them installed. I love the look of a long curtain instead of the outdated blinds in my rental, so this will spruce things up a bit. I am currently on the hunt for actual curtains!

11. Makes sure all the clocks in your house are set correctly after day-light savings time a few weeks ago. I'm not ashamed to say mine are not. Ha!

12. Plan out your patio/balcony - I have a great space that I haven't filled this past summer,  so I'm creating a pinterest mood board, and starting to locate items to purchase online to make my balcony super fun come summer. Especially since this quarantine might last a while, at least I can have a nice outdoor space to enjoy my time in whilst I enjoy the warmer weather.

13. Changing out light fixtures - this is an instant upgrade and you can take them with you when you leave. While you're at time, change the light bulbs in your space to energy efficient ones.

14. Buy or replace your rugs. I am super excited to finally measure and get a well designed carpet (that's not boring, but still practical) to place under my dining set.

15. While we're at this. Why don't we all joint Kelly W's master class in interior design?!

Okay that's it for now! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Tell me what updates you're doing around your home =)


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