Galena Adventures & Stunning Landscapes

3 September 2014

This wonderful long weekend I made my way over to Galena, IL for the day. The Boy and I had an entertaining, albeit rainy, 3 hour drive to this small town known for its infamous "Main Street". And let me tell you, that ride was glorious; there were oodles of rolling hills and valleys along the way (as well as some popping ears!). Feel free to scroll down and see some of the photos near the end, where we pulled off to the side of the road to catch some landscape photographs.

Galena is straight out of a movie set. Its buildings are protected by historical site certification, and the architecture is mostly 19th century. One of the best aspects of this location, is that it's also built into on a hill, so there are several steep staircases transporting you from one scene to another. It's gorgeous, and completely encompassed by greenery. It's almost like being transported back in time while getting hugged by Mother Nature.

So without further ado, here's our photo diary (featuring my face, finally!):

Main Street! This is the downtown core, and where the staircases of doom stream off of. The shops are great, and they all have interesting colors and typography on their signs. I was able to pick up an amazingly scented handmade olive-oil soap bar at one of the many boutiques.
A quick shot halfway through our climb to the church on the hill. Phew, what a workout! My boyfriend made me take these four times. He loved it.

A new fave coffee shop that I may never see again. I loved their chai iced latte and the vintage decor! There was live music again (remember I mentioned this happened in Minneapolis? Loves it!), and The Boy and I had a round of chess whilst sipping our drinks. I lost, as usual. Haha!

Below begins the landscape shots on our ride back home. Just too beautiful. Thank you universe for this view.

Until we meet again, Galena!



  1. Gorgeous photos! xx

  2. Oh the landscape is so green! Thanks for remind me how important is to visit other cities in your own country, this has been very inspiring for me


    1. Take a wander to your local towns! There's always great places to discover.

  3. Love the landscape shots! I used to live in Florida and the flat lands can get boring. (But I've got a change of scenery living in Australia now.)

    1. Australia is just stunning darling. Hope you're taking it all in!


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