Quick Trip to Minneapolis: What to Explore

25 August 2014

A couple weekends ago, we headed over to Minneapolis to visit The Boy's younger sister. I had never been, so I was quite excited to feast my eyes on a new city. And boy did it not disappoint. It reminded me a bit of Canadian cities (well, at least Toronto), with its emphasis on healthy living and enjoying the warm weather while it's still around. But this was definitely the first time I saw two dudes with raspy voices and worn in guitars have a small music session inside a coffee shop. It was wonderful, and both young & old enjoyed it. Why can't all coffee shops hire amazing afternoon entertainment?
P.S.  I also managed to eat the best chicken shawarma in the world, hit up a Polish festival, and head over to the conservatory/zoo. So without further ado, here are a few photographic remnants of my time in Minnesota.

   I totally want to go back!
Have a great week everyone, and please enjoy the last few days of summer!



  1. So funny that you say that, because Minneapolis reminded me of a Canadian city in a way as well when I went a few years back. Also, I would totally follow any sign pointing towards food and beer - ha! x

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

  2. Interesting! I like your opinions.


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