Clerkship Rotation Lifesavers

9 August 2014

I'm FINALLY done with my first rotation (OB/GYN!), and I've amassed a small list of essentials that made my life a bit easier in the past 6 weeks.

1. Multiple pens & a hardcover pocket notebook
     - You'll never run out of ink, and you can document everything on a hard surface. I opted out of not carrying a small clipboard, because I hate loose-leaf paper flying around. This little guy has been fantastic, and I know where everything is (as well as resident/nurse names - a great tip I picked up from Laura @alittlebitoflacquer).

2. Snack bars in various flavors, and small chocolate bars.
     - Sometimes there are no lunch breaks, or they're late into your shift. Stuff your big white coat pockets with these power bars for efficient snacking. I'm hoping to find some healthier alternatives in the coming months, as the next few rotations aren't going to be as hectic as this past one.

3. Littmann stethoscope & pen light.
      - I have the Master Cardiology which is gorgeous, and the heart sounds are incredibly clear. I didn't have a penlight on me for a visual exam one time, so I'm passing the info onto you. Sometimes your pregnant patients get complicated, and there's no equipment in their room!
4. The 'Do Not Disturb' function on the iPhone, Epocrates. Annnnd UpToDate. Agenda.
       - DND: It will prevent you from unwanted attention during surgeries/deliveries/H&P's.
       - Apps: information at your fingertips!
       - I have a wonderful Erin Condren that keeps me organized. It's really crazy trying to keep all the due dates, exams, and meetings in one place, so I suggest using both planner and phone.
 \5. Sturdy lunch bag filled with food and extra snacks.
       - It's really nice to be able to drink a cool smoothie or yogurt during lunch. If you're doing an overnight call, the cafeteria is sometimes closed, so you'll really need to stock up!

6. Comfortable shoes & a sturdy coffee thermos
       - I'm on the lookout for clogs that fit my narrow feet + let them breath, but for now my trusty runners have been doing a great job for surgeries/L&D.
        - Coffee...because.. mornings. Still haven't found a thermos that is leak proof though. The hunt continues.

7. Ball of string, or packet of suture.
       - To practice your knot tying during downtime or between study breaks at home. Trust me, once it becomes second nature your residents and attendings will notice!

I hope these tips were helpful! I'm going to do a Rotation Recap next week where I talk only about OB/GYN, and share some advice. Have a lovely weekend! 



  1. Wow, I have never looked at my medicine studies in such an inspiring way that you do. I always seperated the inspired me (inspired for fashion, photography, sport and so on) and the medicine student me as two different persons. But you kinda showed that I don't need to do that. Thank you for this post! I will surely use some of your tips.

    Hugs all the way from Lithuania

  2. No need to separate yourself into two people! I love melding both of my worlds!

  3. I can't wait for your post on your obygyn rotation ! I can't believe I am so behind on your posts. I used instagram to keep track but you actually don't use that channel to tell when there is a new post in here xD Anyway, wishing you the best of luck with your rotations :)

    1. That's a great idea! I'll try to update on insta as well :D


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