Things I Love Lately: Roses and Fall

27 September 2014

Hey friends!

I thought I'd do this feature again when I have time during rotations. It's such a great time to reflect, and see what great opportunities life has thrown at you. Or to just share some fun stuff! #nerdlife

1. Getting to drive again in the mornings. Even if there's bad traffic, I love hearing some hip-hop on the radio, and drinking my coffee at stop lights. It's a fun meditative process before work.

2. New stationary for a new rotation!

3. Speaking of new rotation, I just started my family medicine clerkship with the sweetest doctor ever (and the staff are hilarious). Hopefully everything keeps going well!

4. Packing healthy lunches. As you may have noticed, I got to eat out a ton during my psychiatry rotation, and it was such a fun time but I definitely needed to get back to my normal fruits & veggies. I've been keeping better track of my calcium intake too, since it's a bit tough being lactose intolerant. The family doc is also a super healthy woman, and acts as great inspiration. Maybe next week I'll try to up my water intake!

5. I finally got around to finishing Catching Fire after organizing my time well. I think I'll try to finish Mockingjay before the rotation ends. It's all about time management, friends! That and taking advantage of the slower rotations before getting slammed by the hard ones (re: surgery, ob/gyn, internal med)!

6. Doing lots of shopping, and finally going out to the movie theatre after a long hiatus. We were able to still catch "Guardians of the Galaxy" and I adored Groot. I definitely need this baby groot for my window sill or bookcase.

7. Flowers. Any kind, as long as they're pastel or vibrant. We have dusty pink roses in the kitchen now and they bring a big smile to my face every morning.

SALADS!  I make a similar variant for lunch as the one below , but this one is going to be next on my list: Tomato, cucumber, avocado salad.

Please tell me some of the great stuff you've been up to in the comments, email, or insta!



  1. Love all your updates about third year! It makes me excited to see real patients! Plus, it's so nice to hear that you've been able to carve out some time to do things like reading for pleasure. Keep it up with these posts - I love hearing about your experiences in each rotation!

    1. Thanks Alexandra! It's always great to take advantage of any free time you have to carve out some semblance of a normal life.

  2. I really like this post. I like fall to and all the colours. Great post.


  3. I just saw the Guardians of the Galaxy as well and I loved it! Super funny and great movie with the bf!

    1. The soundtrack was pretty bomb diggity, too. Not gonna lie. ;)

  4. Your post never seize to inspire me


  5. Hey babe! Let me know when you've planted the boxed flowers I sent! Love, H


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