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8 September 2014

Hi everyone!

I thought I would bring back another round of fashionable, professional clothing since it's so difficult to find appropriate items, and pretty easy to get into a style rut. I've also gone along and tried to find some similar pieces online to help you on your way. I'm almost done my second rotation, and I'm tired of repeating the same "look" (but I've scored a lot of polka dots, and bright colors lately!) Let's jump right in!
Sleek & Chic

Vibrant Lady

Asos floral midi dress
Caramel Love

Playful Patterns & Colors

I've also updated the blog's Shop section (top menu bar) with my new casual fall favourites! For those of you who have no need to dress up for work/school.

I hope you've enjoyed this feature. I'll try to post them more frequently since it's now a relevant part of my everyday life. 

What are your favorite quirky, yet professional pieces? Send me a link via the comments, email, or insta/twitter!


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  1. Oh yes, that second dress you posted is absolutely gorgeous. That print? Amazing - something like what Kiera Knightly wore here at TIFF yesterday. Love this post. x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

    1. I'm definitely digging the print. Hope you're having fun at TIFF in Toronto. Wish I was home!

  2. Great post


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