Bristol Renaissance Faire

5 September 2013

I've been trying with all my might to think of interesting posts to put up on the blog, and all I do is hit walls. Until I realized I have a ton of unpublished photos on my iPhone that are great content to share! Duh. I do this 'documenting' thing on purpose, then forget. Silly.

Anyway, The Boy and I headed out to the Bristol Renaissance Faire a couple weeks ago, and I friggin LOVED IT! I didn't think I was going to be as fascinated by everything as I ended up being. The majority of my reactions had to do with the fact that the Faire was expansive, and well-done. All employees & most attendees were in costume, and the entire village was set up on 32 acres of land. Actors are cavorting through the streets, spontaneous sword fights happen between soldiers and 'robin hoods', acrobats fly, maidens sell candles, cooks shout their specialties, and jousts occur to the wild excitement of the crowd. I was in love. I definitely want to go next year, but in my own costume! What do you think of being a gypsy? 

What are your plans for the weekend?! 



  1. Never been to one but this looks amazing! Be a maiden next year:)

  2. I dreamed of being a gypsy when I was little. This would be a dream come true. haha


  3. What a lovely fair! I wish I could go to one like year you can dress like robin hood's girlfriend with the lovely hat included!


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