Stocking Up On Fall Essentials

30 September 2013

Let's get real, Fall brings about a bag of mixed feelings. It's a bit depressing (buh-bye summer) and really exciting (a fresh start - even if you work a regular 9-5, most people get that back-to-school feelz). I'm here to remind you of the wonderful things that come along with the dipping temperatures, and fallen leaves. Below are a few essentials for autumn, courtesy of my brain's incessant need to be stimulated every season.

1. Warm, richly- scented candles. I've grown accustomed to purchasing these waxy aromatic sticks that smell like apple pie, pumpkin spice, caramel cookies, and gingerbread houses. Whenever I light one up, I kinda wanna roll around on my fuzzy carpet like a cat.

2. Books. Any books, really. You're going to start spending more time in-doors whether you want to admit it or not. The trick to avoiding seasonal depression is to keep yourself busy! There are a ton of great, FREE, classics on Kobo and iBooks, as well as hitting up a local bookshop.

3. Cozy sweaters. I tend to collect these - my shocking pink fluorescent knit, and my fuzzy leopard sweater are tied for first. Just because it's colder, doesn't mean you have to lose your flare OR sense of color. I'm particularly fond of collared shirts under patterned sweaters, à la J. Crew. Super cute, and already you got two layers to keep warm!

4. Hot chocolate/cocoa. For some reason, the thought of hot chocolate in the summer makes me nauseous. But give me an iced green tea latté and I'm as happy as a clam. However, fall & winter tend to have me reaching for some hot delicious goodness. I've just dipped my foot in the waters of Abuelita, and I'm loving it.

5. Leggings. I always wear these under my pants, or jeans, whenever it gets really cold. Actually, from November to March I'm probably wearing two layers on my legs. I detest feeling chilly, and since I'm skinny it tends to strike quite quickly. I feel it mah bones people! You can find some really affordable ones at Garage, F21 , Psyche and American Apparel.

What are your fall essentials?
Share them below so we can all add onto our personal list. 

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  1. I love this post! It got me all feeling fuzzy and warm for Autumn. I pretty much have the same list as you. Reading books with hot drinks and burning candles are my top favourite things during the colder months. I also love fuzzy socks in bright colours for around the house!

    1. ZOMG I can't believe I forgot to mention that. I love love loooove my fuzy striped socks too. Oh man, you're good.

  2. I ant an apple ale candle. Stat! My Fall essentials are as follows: Boots (any & all boots), a good leather jacket to layer, comfy sweatpants to lounge in, and lots of thick blankets to cuddle under.

    xo Ashley

  3. Those candles sound amazing! Although I've been prepping for an Aussie spring/summer with gardenia or coconut and lime scented candles ;)

  4. Such a lovely post!

    I just found you and I really love the way you write! I'll visit your blog again for sure!!


  5. Thanks for the great reminders why we should all love fall! I definitely need more cozy sweaters and more leggings. I hate feeling cold as well.

    What I love about fall is wearing boots and walking outside and crunching the leaves when you walk ;)

  6. Great fall essentials. Love the cozy sweaters, now I can't wait for cooler weather.

  7. I love winter, mailing because I prefer Fall fashion over summer fashion :)


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