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26 September 2013

Remember how I mentioned I was in a blogging rut? Well I TOTALLY forgot I used to do these weekly gratitude posts, and now I'm back on the market. Don't forget to put one up on your blog and link back so I can check it out (either leave it in the comment section, or tweet/instagram me)
                                                                        Last spin with the floral pants.

                                                                Goodies set up for our evening picnic at Ravinia
Horror movies that scare the lights out of me (especially The Conjuring) * Cleaning * The chillier weather that allows me to wear tights and booties with my summer dresses * Making a commitment to buy all my Christmas gifts early * Texts From My Cat * Hanging out with The Boy * Colourful study notes * Being proactive * Fuzzy blankies * Fresh sheets * Greek yogurt-covered raisins * Tea * Discovering new places in Chicago * The new Vogue Paris arriving via e-mail (Zinio is the best app ever - you can directly click on links inside the magazine) * Getting into Breaking Bad * Watching The Voice while running on the treadmill (first time I watched it was two days ago, and it's a great distraction from THE BURN in my legs) * All the pretty boots for fall * Mom & Dad coming for a visit this weekend; I know they're not here yet but I'm gonna love it! * Late night picnics at Ravinia * Discovery a wall cabinet behind my mirror - I've been living here for two years. This made my life * Britney Spears' new song to make me study more * Annnddd.... Renaissance Girls by Oh Land*

 Frolicking through Radisson Blu during a friend's birthday jam.

Getting my fill of marine mammals at the Lincoln Park Zoo



  1. Got to love those fresh sheets. I always like the euphoric state I'm in after cleaning. verything is just so fresh. Love your floral trousers by the way, they're gorgeous!


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