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7 March 2013

Image by: David Higgs

Hey everyone!

The week has been slowly trudging away. I'm a few days closer to my physical exam test & super nervous I'll forget everything once I walk into the room and see the standardized patient. sigh. I keep reminding myself that in 4 years I'll be laughing at my current state, and wishing life was as "easy" as it is now. Doesn't everyone always do that? Anyway, here are some things I loved this week & links I've accrued for your viewing pleasure!

Things I Love Thursday
*Wearing multiple necklaces *Snow day* New Chai tea * Studying in Wicker Park & eating at Filter and Lillie's Q *  little skull magnets from H, which are holding up lists & photobooth pics on my fridge* Bluey by Butter London * Buying my mom's b-day present: a beautiful "90's Versace"-looking dress from ASOS * Shoes* Bringing back my favourite bag in the world: Alexander Wang Rockie (Here's my review if you're interested - it's still one of my most viewed weekly posts!) * Making Portuguese cozido for the first time.. all by my self #proudmoment * Finding a blog I really like and reading back years worth of posts* As for the images: pastels and spring awakenings! 

Quirky storage tips & wonderful patterns (tumblr)

New collection by gorjana - I'm loving this gold ring. Wishlisted! 

+ Time's article on Sheryl Sandberg, her new book & organization, and how to get women to harness their ambition & work their way up. Confidence!
+ Rookie Mag: Actual Size. Dealing with your body, and how to accept it. Here's an excerpt I really liked:
"this was my first real encounter with the Fantasy of Being Thin, which is the idea that life will magically improve once you reach your “goal weight,” and it’s something that so many people buy into." 
The media really does glamourize this illusion that being thin will solve all your problems, but we're not focusing on the real issue: self esteem. The dilemma that women don't love themselves enough is emphasized in this age of social media and comparisons. I'm all for losing weight on a healthy diet with exercise you enjoy, especially if you want a better quality of life. But telling these women that  dropping the pounds will get them everything they've dreamed of is garbage. When you don't fix the issue of how a woman perceives herself in relation to others, then once she hits her goal weight she'll just focus on another part of herself that she hates. Self-Love is so important, and it provides a great confidence boost, a quality Sheryl Sandberg harps as the catalyst for pursuing your dreams and hitting your goals. 
+ Are you still sticking to your New Years resolutions? Have you completed some already and want to add a few more? Here's a great graphic with a few creative ideas on how to improve your life: rethinkcanada. I like their "no screens in bed, less videos more films, and start a recipe journal". 
+ Withlovegabrielle's How to Pack a Carry-On: I've been paying hundreds of dollars over the past year in extra fees for my full-size luggage, so I've decided to buy a carry-on for short trips home.
+ Rookie Mag's All In Your Head. It's about the paralyzing fear you get when assuming others are talking about you, dislike/hate you, think you're stupid, etc. Such a great piece, especially for those of you who overthink!



  1. Good luck with your standardized patient! Hopefully you'll find it to be minimally stressful and wonderful practice :)

  2. loved All in your head, such a great piece. and that shoe collection is really very cute!
    good luck :)

  3. this is always my favorite of your posts to read, you always have the coolest/most informative links. i especially love all the health ones!

  4. How gorgeous is that first photo!! Don't worry about your exam, you'll do great, I'm sure. Besides, as you said, I 4 years it won't matter any more.;)

  5. What a beautiful outfit. Great blog!



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