Goodman Theatre - Other Desert Cities

12 March 2013


Hola everybody,

A couple weeks ago I caught a great production here in Chicago. Other Desert Cities was so unlike any of the pieces I'm used to seeing in live theatre. There was no fancy costumes, crazy light shows, loud music or funky dance routines - none of that. This was bare bones acting at its finest, and the twist it took in the second half was such a killer. I LOVED IT! If this production gets picked up by your local theatre, please invest in a ticket and go experience it. It deals with family drama & secrets. Vert intriguing.
Hope you're all doing well & loving the extra hour of sunlight!


outfit: vintage scarf (similar here)
leather pants from Zara (similar)
Club Monaco top (similar)
Black suede wedges (similar)


  1. That bag is beautiful!! and I'm definitely going to check this out and see if I can catch it.

  2. you need to do a post on your gorgeous hair. i don't know how you keep it so long and pretty/healthy looking. mine is almost your length and it's a total rats nest i want to chop it all off!

  3. great blog!! hope you visit mine!!


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