Things I Love Thursday: Leather and Elegance

14 March 2013

* Leather jackets and nice-fitting jeans * Rock the Runway by Essie * Packing for my flight tomorrow - quality time in Toronto for all of 2 days. * So excited to get my hair done, finally. * Strawberry, banana, raspberry smoothies * Signing up with RewardStyles - I can now have a products bar with pictures underneath my posts, instead of just linking the products via text. Yay for visuals!! [If you're interested, I'll shoot you an invite.] *  My new ASOS heels - getting some insoles for them this weekend. * Hello Kitty Marshmallows * Discovering FLUFF - Why did I not know about the existence of spreadable marshmallows? AHHHH * Spring cleaning my closet - Time to donate & sell. * Reggaeton music during my study breaks... Oh yeahh *
I'm in love with the picture below, and the young lady's outfit. Everything is so elegant and classy.
And look, warm weather.... [sigh]
Sources: Mariannan, tumblr, Kenza, tumblr.


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  1. Love all these looks too, because leather can be very elegant, not just rocker!

  2. I want those sneaker wedges from the first photo! and Kenza always has such gorgeous outfits, can't get enough. you're going to cut your hair short?! it would be a fresh change :)
    I also love your new ASOS heels! they're really perfect for looking cute while being able to walk around all day.

    1. Haha NOT going to chop the hair short, but I will be getting my roots done. Major rootage happen on this ol' noggin over here.

  3. have fun in toronto! im getting my hair done finally next week too and i can't wait! this rootage is NOT ok.

    1. Mine was driving me nuts, and I had to chop off some of my fried ends. So glad it's all done. I could be in a commercial now. Lol

  4. Love all the outfits in this post! All of them!

    xo Ashley


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