Spring 2013 Bags: Pastels & Neons

25 March 2013

Hey everyone,
I've been (unfortunately) spending too much time online window-shopping this past week. I think it's because the days are lighter for longer, and spring is just around the corner. I have spent most of my mornings wishing for the warm weather to arrive sooner! I went running outside yesterday (in the freezing cold) for the first time...ever. It was brutal, but I'm going again this week, since this running business appears to be my new hobby. I am absolutely terrible at it! Baby steps for the newbie!! Anywho, I'm trying to justify purchasing more designer handbags for the spring, but I can't settle on any of these. For my UK readers, I have started adding more links to online stores in the UK so you can all avoid exorbitant shipping and customs fees. I spent half an hour perusing Harrods last night, and came to the conclusion that it contains many of the pieces you can find on ShopBop in the USA, so you should definitely bookmark it before purchasing anything from an American site (you can find the shipping fees here). As a Canadian, I feel your pain. (I get all my stuff shipped to me while I'm at school in Chicago. Such a godsend!)

Which one is your favey-fave?


images: shopbop


  1. They all look lovely. My favs number 2 and 6 <3



  2. I can't do pastels. I just can't make myself. But I do like that ombre bag

    xo Ashley

  3. the pink rebecca minkoff is so cute! I saw that at the store the other day - i also liked the lavender version. :)

  4. Thanks for your comment on today's post! I'm excited to find your blog and I'm off for a click around! Cheers from London! Will

  5. So pretty, love pastels and neons this season, so hard to choose my favorite!


  6. Okay, I want all of these!!! Especially number 1! :)
    xo TJ


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