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30 January 2010

Hey guys, this is going to be a discombobulated post because I have a lot of things I want to mention.

First off, here are the doc marten-esque shoes I mentioned last post- they would be the only ones I'd slip my feet into. Keep in mind, I'm not a fan of dm's. I'm far too skinny for them, leading me to resemble a wannabe BAMF clown. However, these seem remarkably workable if bought in half a size too small. -source unknown

Next order of business.. My hair is not growing fast enough. I know, I'm so narcissistic. Why is it always about you Chantelle? Phooey. Look at these filles. Especially the one with disturbingly long, beautiful wavy (golden..hence angelic?) hair. That bastard. -source unknown

Can I get a 'hell ya' from my former and current ballerinas? I'm telling you.. It would be completely impractical to dance in these [V&R creations], but the fun factor would hit 11 on a 10.0 scale. 'Oh moi? I'm just pirouette-ing through life, swinging tutus over shoulders, and partaking in laser wars.'
- source: tobaccoandleather

I've been obsessing over the minimalist life lately. Maybe for the wrong reasons. I'll never give up consumption, or reduce my dietary repertoire to tasteless meals and a box of bananas. [I may have exaggerated a tad, but you get my gist]. However, a minimalist's ability to reduce his or her material needs to the core basics is fascinating. There is no clutter anywhere. Not in their make-up bags, not inside their closets, not in their cars, not even under their bathroom sinks. Voilà, that is what I would like to achieve. I have taken my wardrobe clean up to a whole new level; I've been chucking sweaters, and jackets and jeans out nearly every day.... and lets not get started on the beauty products- 80% are in the poubelle. Anywho, my point was: getting rid of all this crap is goddamn liberating! Here's one blog on the minimalist lifestyle: mnmlist.
- image source: google

Lastly, and most importantly, is the .Free Clothing Haiti Benefit Tee - 100% of the proceeds from these shirts will go to the relief effort in Haiti. The company is donating to lifeline missions. The shirts are wearable, and even if they're not your style, you can slip yours on to clean/exercise/sleep/buy groceries. Don't think of this as money wasted! A big thank you to lauren for sending me an e-mail about .Free Clothing, and snapping some sexy-mofo pics for my blog post!



  1. Those shoes look fabulous, and im insanely jealous of that hair too

  2. i get jealous of girls with long hair too:D naturally long, not extension long:D


  3. I love the V&R dresses. I'm trying to get my hair that long as well but it's in such bad condition, it's difficult!

  4. These dresses are so lovely <3

  5. i love your approach on being minimilistic {did i spell it right ?} , that's basically the only way i can survive . i can't deal with clutter , it's too chaotic !

  6. je l'adore! (: i love blogs with minimal clutter; it looks clean and beautiful, as does yours!

    i've been on a minimalist kick as well, cleaning out my dresser drawers & closets with just the basic classics!

    and that blue tee is a lovely shade; i don't usually wear tee-shirts but for haiti i willl!

    la c.

  7. ur blog is amazing!
    follow me please!

  8. You can have a bit of my hair!! It's too long, I'm gonna cut it before I become one of those crazy long hair girls that needs to lift their hair up when they pee! Lol.

    And yes, Anna is amazing but I wouldn't have known if you didn't make a post abt her so it's all thanks to you!

    Btw, I love the random picture that you took.have with the European boy! ♥


  9. your new layout is GORGEOUS! i've tried to change mine by using one from the site you got it from but it never works for me.
    i've added you to my blogroll, i always look forward to your posts ;)

  10. Love the shoes. I am also not a fan because I have skinny ass ankles and i would not look good in them ;-( But I made a donation to Oxfam fro HAITI and I pray everything gets fixed soon. we should not forget. it's not over yet!

  11. my inner ballerina is so in love with those dresses. completely impractical for actually dancing in, but i love them! i also like the new, minimalist layout. i have been feeling like that lately, too! today included throwing out about 90% of the items under my bathroom sink.

  12. The shoes you mentioned are awesome. They are Alexander Wang SS10.



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