27 January 2010

  I can't stop thinking about Tisci's Pre-Fall 2010 for Givenchy. I think I could wear these pieces for the next ten years. I really admire that, because it motivates one to invest!

These following two are my absolute faves! I actually have the one on the right saved as my desktop background. I feel like dumping out my closet and replacing it with a clean cut and sophisticated, black white and grey wardrobe.

image source: TFS


  1. Hey Chantelle <3

    I've only just discovered your blog and have read it from the most recent post to your very first and I absolutely love it!


  2. I absolutely love your blog,your taste is amazing,i always turn to your blog when searching for some inspirational photos! As for Tischi's collection,i'm obsessed,structured pieces get me every time!
    I would very much like an invitation to tfs as i've been in their "waiting list" for like ages!If you could send me one I'd appreciate you even more,if not no problem!

    Keep it up!

  3. Givenchy has become by favourite brand in the last few years :) I'd really love an invite to tFS! My blog isn't very nice so I'm not sure if you'd want to link it though. Thanks anyway!

  4. hei friendly friend! I want to be on your side list!!! :D

    oh and send me an invite to tfs pweeeasee!

    kiss kiss,

    P.s- I love Givenchy!

  5. At my age, I am always tempted to go sophisticated and only buy investment pieces - it always looks so lovely ...but then when I see the new sequined, one shouldered, floral, faux fur trimmed dress, I just can't resist! Oh my, I guess I'm a fashion victim at heart.

  6. As much as I ADORE Ricky T, I only have 3 words: Latest. Chanel. Couture.

    (*dies* know, Uncle K seems to do all of this with sunglasses on...that's even more amazing!)

    And seriously, what is up with those gorgeous gals in the flickr accounts you posted? How do they get to live such fairy tale-like lives? (visually, as far as I know!)

    P.S. When are we hanging out? (Let's have a nice dinner somewhere!)

    P.P.S. I just realized that your magazines are probably going to come in March and September since they're bi-annual. EFF.

  7. I agree with Helen, latest Chanel couture is sooo dreamy although crisp and tailored like Givenchy is timeless
    I like the last 2 pics as well.
    exchange links?

  8. love these outfits! so chic and contrasting. falling in love with the second picture of that grey dress. i wish i could see the whole dress without the jacket covering the detail around the hipss.

  9. i would love an invite to TFS! i've been waiting forever!! and a link on your sidebar would be great also! :D

    your amazing!!

  10. I love these outfits! I wish it was colder here sometimes so I could try things!

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  12. these are so wonderfully structural and I love the color palette!

  13. awesome collection!

  14. Abolutely love Givenchy. I am a huge fan of black&white combos and these looks are fabulous and super wearable at the same time.

  15. these are such beautiful clothes, Givenchy always has wonderful collections in my opinion though!

  16. Swan & Paige, I need your e-mail for the TFS invite! Send me an email, link on my sidebar, so I don't miss your response to this.

  17. I absolutely love your blog! I especially love this particular post. These clothes are beautiful. So simple, quirky, and impressionable....

    Hugs, Dominey


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