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20 January 2010

  I follow a wicked beauty guru on youtube who has the suavest voice in the world - Michelle Phan, for my fellow youtube addicts. Not the point, what I meant to say was 'Michelle has a wicked video on the Bad Romance Goo-Goo eyes make-up.' You should check it out if you're curious as to how they did the look, and graphically enhanced her features. I thought it was the bee's knees. 
[Side note: I checked out Lady Gaga's interview with Oprah, and teared up comme un bébé. *sniff sniff* I love weird people.]

Image source: google, dazed digital, chelseanico
PS. I'm going to change my layout again, so if you happen to load the page and it's kinda funky looking.. then it's just moi fiddling around. Wait a few seconds and I'll most likely have it fixed.

Update: Here's a parody of the michelle phan video I just posted. I thought it was quite drole!


  1. beautiful quote, i adore your blog

  2. Haha, great vid! Gaga on Oprah was fab, I love weirdos too. Inspiring quote. X

  3. I love lady gaga, I was so bummed I missed the oprah episode, I'm definitely gonna look it up

  4. I love these pics, they made my day!!!
    Great blog, girl - keep it up!

  5. heyy,

    thanks so much ive added you to my blog reel too :)


  6. So jealous that my friend went to Lady Gaga's concert yesterday at Radio City Music Hall. I really was planning on going, but of course I went to get the tickets too late in the month. But my friend said she said the funniest thing:

    "This is my first of 4 dates with you, New York. So that means...I can suck your dick and I wouldn't be a slut, right? 'Cause those are the rules?"

    She's so vulgar, but you gotta love it. Haha

  7. I forgot to tell you on the phone the day before yesterday: I read on a fashion site that she was signed on by Jed Root (a.k.a. the agency of the late, great, Kevyn Aucoin) and Lancome. AMAZING!


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