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8 October 2009

image sources: weheartit.com, tumblr [zoeclaudia]

+ I have to do it, I'm getting my bangs back. I don't feel like myself without them.
+ In the past 3 weeks I've gotten food poisoning, a badly sprained ankle, and the flu. Dear God, what's next?!
+ After the 2 hr mark of my 3 hr dance rehearsal, I am ready to a] kill someone, or b] faint.
Does anyone recommend something to keep me energized without vomiting?
+ I never got around to doing the 6 favourite things tag. I will eventually, but I want it in video form.
+ I'm so behind in school it's discouraging to look at the To-Do list. Gahh! I must persist!
+ I am so tempted to get Tumblr. I have folders and folders of photos saved on my macbook.

Tis' all. Ta-ta. =}D


  1. i love the model in the first pic. she's so natural looking with her freckles and her blue eyes...very cute =)

  2. The first picture impacts me. It's so natural and tender, that red.haired girl is very beautiful.

  3. my goodness i love that piece of writing. thank you.

  4. I didn't get that piece of writing. =/

  5. Woah those sure are a lot .of unfortunate events get better!

  6. awesome photos!
    good luck at ur dance recital! umm eat lots of carbs the night before, so like lots of pasta and such. or eat some peanut butter for protein

  7. haha seems like a good idea. Load up on carbs before dance. I'm thinking Gatorade too...for all those electrolytes.

  8. I love all of your photos - you should definitely get a Tumblr! I love mine.. I had the same problem, where I would just save them all. But with Tumblr, it's so easy to mark photos you like when browsing the internet.
    Here's my tumblr: www.pladthoughts.tumblr.com

    By the way, I love my face wash! : ) Thank you.

  9. yes babe, 5 hour energy.
    start with one half bottle and work up to whole bottle
    xo chauss


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