look at them legs

12 October 2009

source: weheartit.com
+ I think I'm going to do an iPhone post, as in all the photos
will come from my cell's camera, so excuse the grainy quality.
+ It's taking way too long to heal this ankle
+ My next post on esper's blog is going to be on backstage photography.
Basically it's unedited close ups of model's faces- you can see how imperfect their
skin is, and their fried hair.
It was a good reminder to me that these girls are human too, and we are all beautiful because of our imperfections (inside and out).
+ Chauss- I looked up 5-hour energy, and I really think it's an awesome product,
BUT they don't sell outside the US. :(


  1. all of these outfits are so epic! <3

    ps. you should come check out my blog! i just blogged about a beaded beanie tutorial that you might be interested in! =]


  2. Love all of the outfit...so chic!

    I love backstage photography, it really does make models look just as human as everyone else :P

    P.S. Are you taking Cubism art by any chance, because I have a girl in my class who looks like you :)

  3. IS that jenny from gosssip girl in the last photo??? if so... dang i am so jealous of taylor momsen's legs. and hair. and style... haha

  4. Jen is so beautiful

  5. oh, how i love my gossip girl....wanna trade links, kind of crushing on your blog!

  6. Excuse, I have removed this question


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