5 October 2009

- Those wedges from Tanja S are my new favourite thing.
- I wish I could wear all those bangles and watches but my wrists are too scrawny to hold any of them up.
- SP looks like a nonchalant indie rocker.

* I'm am now sick!
Limping around with the sniffles is so not chic.

image source:, weheartit, stockholmstreetstyle


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  3. Hope you get better Chantelle!:)
    I love the 'mass braclet' look...its divine!

  4. The shoes are A W E S O M E. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Because I just realized how atrocious the grammar was. (What's wrong with me these days? I think sickness is affecting my literacy skills =/)

    SP, in my opinion, is the REAL Sasha Fierce ;)

    P.S. Derek Blasberg's recent blog posts in about the "New York in Paris" and Purple magazine parties have forever ruined my expectations for future fêtes =/

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment! You're really Portuguese :D! Well when it comes to my grammar i just practice a lot and read a lot in english and so on.. and i also had a norwegian student living in my house for one year and we only spoke english with each other ;) so it helped a lot too!


  7. I can't believe I've only just discovered your blog! I love your style :)

    Do you want to exchange links?

    ♥ Hannah


    PS: those shoes are TO DIE for!


  8. those shoes are awesome! i too wish i wore more bangles like that ;D

  9. Hello my lovely!
    This is so freaking amazing i think that i could kill for these wedges they're...unbelievableeee!!!
    I'm definitly back so i hope to see u soon on my blog :)


  10. Wowwwwww, I love every pic, every piece, every look !!!

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