31 October 2009

Just a collection of photos on my desktop that were waiting to be posted.
I love love love the Numéro cover with Kate Moss in sequin pants... it's currently my background. <3
The last shot is of a fellow Canadian blogger, Raez from Cheap Thrills, who takes really amazing photos [including ones of herself].
p.s. I love her freakin eyebrows! I tell her this all the time. I must sound so creepy. But they're perfect!

sources: weheartit, knightcat, littlelostlove, and raez


  1. Your blog used to be one of my favourites, when you when through the phase of kind of "information posts", like your ones about Pollock and the Austrailian Reef. Even your Skin Care Friday idea set you apart from other inspiration blogs (like mine :P) but now, although your pictures ARE gorgeous and inspiring and well chosen to reflect your personal style and tastes, I miss your posts about Jane Austen and world issues (like the picture of the dying girl and the vulture).
    Ignore my run-on sentence and don't take this as criticism... just my thoughts.

  2. you always have the most awesome photos!!!!! thank you so much for sharing with us

  3. aw, haha! i scroll scroll scroll and then i see my picture;) among those of the great kate moss! thats great, im glad i inspireeeee with my eyebrows;))

    xx raez

  4. Love the Luella sunglasses <3

    All lovely pictures.

  5. Hey Julia!

    I'm glad you mentioned that. I have a lot of stuff saved on my comp that relates to the topics I posted about before; I just felt that not many people cared. But you've inspired me to post it regardless! If I have time I'll even do it tonight!


  6. The picture of Kate Moss is perfection. I love that cover so much, one of her best ones if you ask me.

    Also lovely quote. Your posts are always so motivating :D

  7. love this post <3
    raez is amazing, isn't she?

  8. love the luella sunglasses! i want them. lovely post!

  9. The first photo makes me miss summer festivals and the second one makes me regret I didn't buy those Zara sparkly leggings (but which I am so getting tomorrow :D)


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