the grande list - week of Jan 17 2021

17 January 2021

Hey everyone,

I hope this past week has been a little better than last. I joined a new course on innovation in medicine, and I've been learning some amazing new ways to think and approach problems. It's been challenging to force my brain to break the patterns of typical medical training. I love it! Also, it means I'm totally deep diving into planning and time blocking course work, fellowship, research, board studying and wedding prep. I laugh and cry about that last one, because who knows what this year is going to look like. Ha!

Okay, let's get into it! 

  • I've been using this Legend Planner and it's wonderful. I really love the weekly habit trackers, and the section to goal set and action plan. It's so fun!

  • Yoox has great sales on designer shoes recently, and I can't take my eyes off of these glittery pink Dolce and Gabbana pumps. They're so impractical, but the pandemic brain is in love and thinks it's going places.... around my apartment in circles.
  • I'm going to shout out a small Canadian business again. I have loved these light mulberry silk masks from Marcheduluxe. They're super comfortable and look very nice on. They're not the medical grade standard mask we need in the hospital, but it's good for my walks to and from work. 
  • Check out Barre Fitness for lots of wonderful free workouts online.
  • As you know, I've been trying to meal prep regularly and I love getting inspiration from online chefs. Here is a great video from Gaz!

Stay safe everyone 💙


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