An Autumn Experience - Fall Home Decor and Vintage Fashion

15 September 2020

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all doing well. Let's do something a little different today. I want to walk you through a short virtual experience via a blog post, and give you some autumnal inspiration. Let's jump right in. 

1. First start by playing this in the background

2. If you have time, go make yourself a cup of cozy tea or hot chocolate. If not, let us proceeeeed!

3. Appreciate and respect the fashion of the past, and allow it to inspire a part of your wardrobe for the future. I found some gorgeous gems below from the photography archives of the 1960's. 
dior 1960
Lanvin 1960
st laurent 1960
This screen grab is from the song Lazy with Marilyn Monroe (There's No Business Like Show Business 1954). I've been on a big MM kick recently, and have a few of her movies playing in the background while I work/eat. However, I wanted you to peep her costar on the right. A long-sleeve tweed crop top with high-waisted tailored pants. Yes! If you want to see the entire song and dance number, it's here. Love it!candid marilyn monroe
Cozy wrap sweater dresses and oversized cashmere-wool coats. Yessss.
Chanel fashion, 1960 chanel
Let's all agree to add some small glamour in our lives this year, because who the heck knows what the world has in store for us. Don't be afraid to be fabulous!

4. Okay, now that we agreed to add a little glamour to our days, let's see what can be done. I have made it a habit to always dress-up in the morning, even though I may be spending my time at home. Here's what I've enjoyed, and plan to incorporate in the future:
  I usually have my nails painted and neat. It's nice to see shiny red fingers tapping away on the keyboard.
  Wear your fancy bags, even if it's just to grab toothpaste and milk at your local CVS. 
  Give yourself a nice cat-eye liner before the work-day starts.
  Bring out your hats for fall. Work it. 
  I change up my jewelry regularly as well. I'm looking to add some vintage jewelry designer pieces - particularly big earrings to wear with some simple, cozy sweaters and jeans. Audrey Leighton Vintage always has well-curated pieces in each of her collections, so keep an eye out for her next drop. 
Audrey Leighton Vintage

       Audrey Leighton Vintage

5. Alright friends, now that you're cozy and glamorous, I think this fall calls for some introspection via journaling. Life is going to pass you by, and before you know it you're sitting in your rocker at the age of 80 wondering where the time went. Let's do our future selves a favor and start documenting. I've mentioned in the past that I typically write a couple lines of nice events that happened each day into my planner, but I also have the 5 Minute Journal. This is going to be a mini-review since I'm getting close to the end. I won't be repurchasing the 5 min journal, because I feel like it's more work than I would like, and I'm not a fan of the last line: "What could I have done better?". Like DAMN, I thought I did good enough. Don't make me feel bad about my day, right at the end 😆 I would rather just finish my nighttime routine on a happy note.  Looking back, the Happiness Planner was a lot more work, but it was positive and motivating, and I ended up enjoying it more. Below are a few blank journals I'm thinking of transitioning into for my gratitude and life lists now that I know what I like from prior experience.

Customized journals from Etsy - Pink Velvet and Spiral-Bound Watercolor 

6. More visual goodies? I think so. Below are some fall interiors for your viewing pleasure. Some cozy, and some spooky. How excited are we to delve into scary movies and horror novels!? I hope all of you have your hands up. I'll pretend you do. 
autumn home, fall home

autumn decor, home fall decor
spooky home decor

halloween home

Okay friends, that's it for now! Tell me what fun autumnal experiences you have planned for the next few months. I hope you're going apple picking, and grabbing a few pumpkins. Don't forget to expand your culinary skills as you spend even more time inside as the weather cools. 


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