Make Your Tech Cute - 2020 Edition

28 August 2020

 Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well and taking care of yourselves. Today I wanted to share some things that give my family and I's tech pieces a fresh look, and also make me smile. You know the feeling! Even a nice background change is great once in a while. 

Laptop/Desktop Background

Wallpaper designs - Candidly Keri does amazing background images of both design and photography. Some of them even have calendars if you so prefer. I use many of her backgrounds to brighten up my laptop every month.

Design Love Fest - Amazing graphics, fun colors and lovely floral shots. One of my fave places to find images. 


Apple Watch Straps

Making the OG ones a little less stale, and a bit more personal. 

Customized straps by Maple and Bloom on Etsy. 

Casetify also has lovely, colourfully designed straps. Take a gander on their website for all the other patterns and color combinations. 

For the bougie of you out there, this diamond Nuclieus strap is a stunner.  Also available for customization. I saw this for the first time on Lydia Millen and fell in love!

 Phone Backgrounds
 For clean minimalist backgrounds - try Miniwallist.  For feminine, motivating images - Blogpixie.  For clean, high resolution photography as your background - Pixabay

iPad Cases

This is a fun floral case from Amazon with a pencil holder. 

Clique Shops makes customizable case - this one is in polka dot. Cahhh-uuutee! 

An ipad case with pockets and areas to hold notebooks, pens and post-its. Yes, an organized person's dream! - Etsy shop Duru Naru

      Okay, last one I promise. A pressed flower case for the iPad. I am living for this! I have a pressed flower iphone case and I'm 95% sure there is nothing more eye-catching, unique and cheerful for those of you who are secretly fairy princesses. This is from Fern and Felt,'re welcome.  
P.S They also sell iPhone cases with pressed flowers. Go check it out. 

iPad/Tablet Digital Calendars and Planners
Ex-squeeze me? Did my little planner heart need something else to get excited about? Yes, yes it did. I cannot wait to try one of these out. They are in the following order: mydailyplanners, forlittlelion (includes habit trackers, finance, goal/project planners, recipes tab - all in pastel!), black planner is from HabitPlanner

AirPod Cases
Couldn't help myself - they are too quirky and hilarious. Fiji case for your pods by AbsoluteMagicShopFloral monogram by Panda BlossomsLeather hot-stamped case - very clean and elegant - by The Valerie Constance.


Okay, that's my huge post for today. I skipped the iPhone cases because there are so many overwhelmingly lovely ones online that are quick to find. Tell me what else you're enjoying to dress your tech. 


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