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13 August 2020

 Hi everyone!

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the last month of summer. I'm hoping southern Ontario will have a few extra weeks of heat into September. I've been spending more time than usual on the internet thanks to the pandemic boredom and multiple study breaks during exam prep. I thought I would share some lovely things I've come across in case it tickles your fancy as well. Enjoy!

This stunning, fairytale rose cape by Claire Pettibone
I just came across Janea (jnaydaily) on youtube, and this is the video that got me hook-line-sinker for her channel. It also happened to be the first video I saw, so clearly I fell quickly. If you want someone who is positive, encouraging, and loves unique home pieces that don't come from generic brands (I love you amazon, but everyone has you), then this is the girl for you. I am so enamoured - watching her videos makes me so happy. You're going to love her!

The Best Linen shop on Etsy - they make soft linen bags, scarves, and bed covers. I love the slouchy look to their pieces, and they have amazing reviews. I've kept this bag on my wishlist for grocery shopping because my reusable bags keep breaking. I like to think it's due to the fact that I'm actually using them when I shop 😊

There a great little jewelry spot online that's based in Toronto but ships quickly to the USA as well. It's called Elevado and their ear game is FIRE. I am totally enthralled by their dainty, feminine pieces. Go take a gander. It's priced quite well compared to other brands online. 
retro toaster

For those of you who love the SMEG appliances but not the price, these retro Keenstone toasters (in multiple colors) are just perfect. The reviews are amazing and the aesthetic is on point. And the price? A steal. 
Alright friends, those are all my great finds over the past couple weeks.
Anything on your end? 


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