How To Set Up Your At-Home Yoga Practice

30 July 2020

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to chat about getting your at-home yoga practice up and running. Since many of us are working from home, and several of us may be avoiding gyms for a while, then at home work-outs are the way to go. If you have a gym/studio that you are fond of and they have an online platform for classes, then please continue to support them if financially feasible. So without further ado, let's jump right in! 
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The first piece you need is motivation. Seriously, unless you use your at-home yoga studio... it's just clutter. 

The second item on the list... is space! Clear out a designated area, or choose an open space where you can comfortably move around and do inversions. I also like to have a clear wall (no art/ decor hanging), so I can practice head stands and hand stands. 

The third piece is yoga instruction. I know some of you are total pro-yogis and have your own sequences, but some of us need extra guidance. I like saving yoga routines from youtube into a special playlist. Some of my favorites are: strength & flexibility (Yoga by Candace), Vinyasa flow (lululemon), everything that Yoga by Adriene does.

Yoga Mat & Cushion
Depending on what type of surface you're rolling out your mat on, you may have some issues with how comfortable you will feel in certain weight-bearing positions. For me, it's my knees. I can tell right away if I need a thicker buffer between my joints and the floor. 

Mat cleaner
Get rid of the sweat and disinfect the mat before and after your practice. 

The yoga strap is used for deep stretches and to help you in the process of reaching certain positions. I've found it really helpful for balancing poses that require flexibility I don't yet have. 

A yoga block is helpful when you need additional support, or as above, to help you on your journey to certain yoga positions. 

For when you get sweaty. Self-explanatory.
at home yoga, home yoga practice

This is for either helping with cushioning your joints, or during the beloved shavasana and meditation.

Water bottle 
To stay hydrated no matter what!

Extras: For certain sessions I like to create a zen ambiance, so I put on my diffuser and light some candles. Use whatever you've got at home for this! 

What are some of your must-haves for your at home yoga practice?


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